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The Energon Universe, The Most Exciting Event in Comics

We roll out with Robert Kirkman, Sean Mackiewicz, Daniel Warren Johnson, and Joshua Williamson.

Energon Universe Void Rivals

We close our San Diego Comic-Con International coverage with an epic roundtable conversation with Energon Universe shepherds Robert Kirkman, Sean Mackiewicz, Joshua Williamson, and Daniel Warren Johnson. As you have undoubtedly heard, Skybound Entertainment is the new G.I. Joe and Transformers license holder. They recently launched their shared universe with a new comic book series called Void Rivals, written by Kirkman and illustrated by Lorenzo De Felici, and we think it's the most exciting event in comics.

And that's based on only a tiny taste from Skybound. So far, we've read three Void Rivals issues, a three-page preview of Daniel Warren Johnson's Transformers, a Tom Reilly cover for Duke #1, and an Andrea Milana cover for Cobra Commander #1. Before we plunge into the chat, we dive deep into reviewing these early peeks, consider the cultural apocalypse on the brink within Void Rivals, and how it may ripple into the Transformers and G.I. Joe books.

We find beginnings to be the most exciting moments in stories. In these early stages, characters (and their creators) determine their principles. What do the G.I. Joes stand for in 2023? What does Cobra stand for? How will the Autobots' interaction with humanity alter their already well-established mission? We bring these questions to the creators, whose answers give you some idea of how the Energon Universe will stand apart from previous interpretations.

We did not steer this conversation alone. We were joined by a few other reporter friends: Lance from Comic Book Keepers, Jeremy from The Geekly Grind, Jace Milam from The Comic Source, and Gerard "HipHopGamer" Williams. Please take the time to visit their sites and support their work, as their perspectives created a unique collaboration for this episode.

Also, listen to our guests' previous appearances on Comic Book Couples Counseling: Robert Kirkman on Invincible, Joshua Williamson on Superman, Daniel Warren Johnson on Beta Ray Bill, and Daniel Warren Johnson on Do a Powerbomb!

Skybound is set to release Transformers #1 in October, Duke #1 in December, and Cobra Commander #1 in January. Keep up to date on the Energon Universe by visiting their website and pre-order the comics through your local comic book store. What shop is closest to you? Find out by clicking HERE.

As we discuss toward the end of this week's episode, cartoonist extraordinaire Jeff Smith recently suffered a cardiac arrest and was forced to cancel his "Dawn of Man" book tour. This means he won't be able to promote new books like Tuki and Bone: More Tall Tales. It's on you and us to get the word out. Help an artist who brought joy to our lives by nabbing his new comics for yourself and your friends. Visit Boneville HERE.

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Listen to Danie Warren Johnson discuss The 'Nam #9 in detail, breaking down the single issue with us panel-by-panel on our Patreon.

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