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The Hosts

Join married couple, Brad Gullickson and Lisa Gullickson, as they explore the various dynamics of comic book relationships throughout pop culture and publishing history. Each week they tackle a new storyline, or interview a new creator, bringing a lifetime of passion to the conversation.

Brad Gullickson Lisa Gullickson Comic Bo

Lisa Gullickson

Lisa is a comic book obsessive, a seasoned cinephile, and a Monkees maniac. Her writing appears on After Movie Diner, Film School Rejects, and TrekNews. Not satisfied with one podcast, in addition to Comic Book Couples Counseling, she also co-hosts In the Mouth of Dorkness

Brad Gullickson

Brad's first comic book was Marvel's Robocop 2 adaptation. From there, he fell into the magnificent void of the four-color form, and he hasn't looked back since. He is a Senior Curator for One Perfect Shot, and his ramblings are found regularly on Film School Rejects. In addition to Comic Book Couples Counseling, he also co-hosts Rest in Pictures and In the Mouth of Dorkness.

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