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Joshua Williamson and Jamal Campbell Influence 'Superman'

And vice versa. We talk with the comic creators about Clark Kent's ultimate power and how it shapes us all.

Nothing has a greater influence over your life than your thoughts; rather they are negative or positive. This is true for Superman, Lex Luthor, Brad Gullickson, Lisa Gullickson, Joshua Williamson, and Jamal Campbell. On this week's podcast, we chat with the two comic creators about Clark Kent's impact on their lives as well as his impact on the greater DC Comics universe. Their Superman #1 hits comic shops this Tuesday, and with it comes an exciting new take on the character and those that flock around him.

Williamson and Campbell's narrative positions the Clark Kent/Lex Luthor relationship forward without side-stepping those other supporting roles we adore. The first issue actually opens with Pete Ross's influence on a young Clark and examines how that friendship lingers into Superman's adulthood. How these relations shape each other allows us to consider the power friends and strangers have on us, and beautifully, Williamson and Campbell were willing to go there with us.

Our conversation also considers Superman's importance as a cultural icon, and we dig into the difficulty of steering such a symbol. We explore whether there is a romance between Lex Luthor and Clark Kent while teasing out some details as to where Joshua Williamson and Jamal Campbell are possibly pushing their caped crusader. Also, what kind of tunes does Pete Ross place on a mixtape for a young Clark Kent? Williamson has definite opinions. So do we.

Keep up to date on all things Joshua Williamson by following him on Twitter, Instagram, and Substack. Follow Jamal Campbell through his Twitter, Instagram, and Website. Superman #1 from DC Comics arrives on 2/21.

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