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The Ultimate 'Do A Powerbomb!' Daniel Warren Johnson Interview

We chat with the cartoonist about his wrestling epic and why it makes us cry every damn time we read it.

Few comics operate like Do A Powerbomb! Cartoonist Daniel Warren Johnson does his thing (along with genius colorist Mike Spicer), pulling you in with the most incredible, kinetic, and badass panels while slowly engaging your heart and soul. When the comic reaches its jaw-dropping climax, you're shook and probably requiring a little alone time to get all those uncontrollable tears out of your system.

Since the very first issue, we've been championing Do A Powerbomb! We've folded the comic into our all-time favorites, reaching into it and finding ourselves over and over again with every re-read. Daniel Warren Johnson always delivers a wallop with his comics, and yet, we're still surprised when he lands a new blow.

In this episode, we drag DWJ into our ring. The conversation is full-spoilers. So, please, read Do A Powerbomb! in its entirety before venturing any further. We would feel absolutely awful if your experience was spoiled in any way by this discussion. Having once read the comic, we believe our chat with Daniel Warren Johnson will elevate your appreciation for the book. We dig into every aspect of the comic, and Dan is extremely generous with his time and consideration.

We examine Do A Powerbomb!'s unique origins, tied to Johnson's late-in-life discovery of professional wrestling. We talk about how it initially seeped into his Beta Ray Bill mini-series for Marvel Comics and why he was compelled to smash it into this particular familial saga. And, yeah, we go deep into the comic's absolutely bonkers climax and just how the hell he came up with that epic final confrontation. Oh, and we get some cool future book-related news out of Dan as well. Stay tuned for that.

Be sure to follow Daniel Warren Johnson on Twitter, Instagram, and his Website. Do A Powerbomb! is now available in comic shops from Image Comics. It will be available in bookstores everywhere on March 7th.

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