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The Best Comics of 2022 (Part Two)

The new year is here but we're not done with the old one just yet. Kick back as we celebrate 2022's best comics.

Determining the Best Comics of 2022 requires more space than the usual Comic Book Couples Counseling conversation. More space and several more voices!

In Part Two of our epic year-end celebration, we invite another cool cadre of guests on the show to name their favorite books from the previous year. Several titles you may expect, but a whole bunch of others should come as a surprise. We're not NPR, we're not IGN. We're the CBCC Podcast!

If you missed last week's selection of great books, click HERE to catch up. With those goodies firmly locked in your brain, let's move to the biggest categories featuring the year's biggest winners. Somewhere below, you'll find the real-deal Best Comic of 2022. Any guesses? You're probably right.

Part Two Timestamps:

  • Writer of the Year - 12:24

  • Artist of the Year - 21:58

  • Best Superhero Comic - 29:51

  • Scariest Comic - 44:47

  • Best Digital Release - 53:31

  • Best Ongoing Series - 1:01:22

  • Best Original Graphic Novel - 1:12:06

  • Best Limited Series - 1:23:19

Celebrity Guest Stars:

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