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Daniel Warren Johnson Joins CBCC

We trap the 'Beta Ray Bill' artist in our Love Nest and force him to discuss his latest glorious creation.

Well, this is a big deal, friends. Daniel Warren Johnson, the creator behind Murder Falcon and Wonder Woman: Dead Earth, joins us in the Love Nest to discuss his latest epic saga, Beta Ray Bill. We try to maintain our calm, but frankly, that was impossible. Johnson's comics mean the world to us, and it was beyond thrilling to discuss his process, but more importantly, his characters.

This week's Creator Corner episode does not behave like most Creator Corners. We're digging deep into Beta Ray Bill as a character, exploring his battle with imposter syndrome and self-image. As interpreted by Johnson, we see a lot of ourselves in Bill, and our heart breaks as he navigates Muspelheim on the hunt for Surtur's Twilight Sword.

And that brings us to our massive SPOILERS warning. Do not go any further if you have yet to partake in the latest Beta Ray Bill mini-series. We wanted to get INTO IT with Johnson, and to do so, we gotta talk plot stuff. If you're not spoiler-phobic, we don't think there's anything here that will ruin your reading experience, but if you are spoiler-sensitive, this is your warning.

We are very proud of this conversation, and we offer the deepest thanks to Johnson for agreeing to this conversation. We think there is some excellent content here, and it will enrich your Beta Ray Bill reading experience. Please consider sharing this episode with your friends, family, and coworkers. We want as many ears on it as possible.


We're casting off Thor's shadow this week as we chat with Daniel Warren Johnson about Beta Ray Bill, the five-issue mini-series from Marvel Comics that reaches its epic conclusion this Wednesday. As is already well documented on this podcast, we're obsessive maniacs regarding Johnson's comics. We think Beta Ray Bill might be his finest achievement yet, which is crazy to say considering the obvious genius that is Murder Falcon and Wonder Woman: Dead Earth.

We asked Johnson to help us wade through Beta Ray Bill's tormented psychology for this week's Creator Corner conversation. The cartoonist happily obliged us as we rooted around Bill's deep-seated frustrations and complicated relationship with Lady Sif and Asgard. You might be surprised by what we uncover.

Issues discussed this week: Beta Ray Bill 1 - 4 (we're still waiting on 5), written and illustrated by Johnson, colored by Mike Spicer, and lettered by Johnson and VC's Joe Sabino.

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