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Robert Kirkman Programs Our 'Invincible' Mark and Eve Episodes

We chat with Robert Kirkman about 'Invincible' and the romance that holds all its bloodshed together.

Twenty years ago, Robert Kirkman unleashed Invincible upon the planet. The comic represented an opportunity to do everything he ever imagined a superhero comic was capable of doing. Through Image Comics (and what would eventually develop into his own Skybound Entertainment), the comic creator found a narrative freedom that previously proved impossible at the big two comic companies. In the process, he also created an utterly compelling romance that took significant time to develop, causing profound melodramatic tension in his audience.

We're positively giddy to welcome Robert Kirkman onto the show this week. For years, we've wanted to cover Mark Grayson and Atom Eve's relationship. Invincible is such a massive story, and we needed to figure out where to begin and how to cram it all into four Counseling Session episodes. Thankfully, Kirkman knew exactly how we could pull it off and was happy to help us through our programming.

Before we meet up with Kirkman, however, we run down our recent Seattle trip and review the magnificent Emerald City Comic Con. As first-time attendees, we were overwhelmed with everything the convention offered, from in-depth panels to an endless array of comic artists. All cons have their own vibe, and ECCC was no exception. You may want to add this show to your yearly schedule. Access to Lola pancakes might be reason enough.

Our Seattle review concludes at the 18:19 minute mark. You can skip it if all you're here for is the Robert Kirkman talk, but then you'd miss out on Lisa's hairdo debacle, which would be a terrible shame.

Our chat with Robert Kirkman does drift into a little Fire Power celebration. We couldn't help ourselves, especially when we considered how that comic's central romance sorta operates as a spiritual sequel to the one shared between Mark and Eve. We don't go into any major spoilers. So, if all you've seen is the Invincible television series, this episode is a safe space.

Make sure that you follow Robert Kirkman on his Twitter and through the Skybound Entertainment website. Invinciblerecently published an anniversary facsimile edition, a stripped-down black and white number one, and a new deluxe edition compendium. Seek those out at your local comic shop.

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