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'The Enfield Gang Massacre' is Jacob Phillips and Chris Condon's Hellboy

The comic creators return to the podcast, discussing their 'That Texas Blood' spin-off series and Evil with a capital E.

The Enfield Gang Massacre

When we first started That Texas Blood by Chris Condon and Jacob Phillips, we enjoyed it as a nifty, nasty, clever Western Noir. Now, we're three trade paperbacks in and one issue into their spin-off series, The Great Enfield Gang Massacre, and we think we're reading an epic mythology saga exploring notions of lowercase evil and uppercase Evil. Friends, this is their Hellboy, whether they want to admit it or not.

The Enfield Gang Massacre #1 hits shelves courtesy of Image Comics on August 9th. If this is your first entry into their world, it works magnificently as a Western mystery exploring the sins of a "Print the Legend" history. If you've read every issue of That Texas Blood, it works on a whole other level.

Condon and Phillips' spin-off returns readers to Ambrose County 150 years ago, when outlaw Montgomery Enfield and his gang are accused of a grotesque murder. In issue one, the posse forms and comes gunning for these criminals. They'll find a fight on their hands. Maybe.

In this episode, we chat with Condon and Phillips about the types of evil they're examining in The Enfield Gang Massacre and That Texas Blood. We consider how their brains morph to meet the needs of this particular story and why it demands a different aesthetic than their previous collaborations. We also consider together just how far back they can explore regarding the Ambrose County land. Cave dwellers and dinosaurs? Yes, please.

You can continue this chat with the That Texas Blood creators by following Chris Condon on Twitter and Instagram and following Jacob Phillips on Twitter and Instagram.

This episode is part of our San Diego Comic-Con International celebration. Listen to our Day One episode with Paul Cornell HERE. Listen to our Day Two episode with Adrian Tomine HERE. Tomorrow, Julie Sakai and Stan Sakai will be on the podcast talking about Usagi Yojimbo and all things Dogu Publishing. A week later, we'll return with some in-person interviews, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Karl Stevens, Todd McFarlane, and more. You better get subscribed to Comic Book Couples Counseling.

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