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Paul Cornell and 'Con and On' Re-Examines Comic Con Culture

All week long, we're celebrating San Diego Comic-Con, and launching the party with the perfect creator convo.

Paul Cornell Con and On

The San Diego Comic-Con International is back, and just like last year, we're determined to bring the celebrations to our Comic Book Couples Counseling podcast feed. Whether you're attending the show or not, we aim to bring the con experience to your ears. All week long.

Every day of the con, we're dropping one new, rad creator conversation episode. We're kicking things off strong today (Thursday), chatting with celebrated science fiction, television, and comics writer Paul Cornell. His new Ahoy Comics series, Con and On, is the perfect concept to launch our Comic-Con festivities as it celebrates and challenges everything we love about convention culture.

Paul Cornell's new book focuses on the Vista Al Mar Comics Festival over five years, spanning three decades. Each chapter in the series covers a different year, returning to various characters as they succeed and fail in the industry. You'll recognize some faces, cheer at their victories, and cringe at their losses.

Con and On pulls no punches, but it's not a heavyweight bloodbath either. Only someone who loves this world as much as Paul Cornell could write this book. While there is comedy and heart throughout, there is some anger, frustration, and a drive to advance beyond the tired, old ways.

You can follow Paul Cornell on Blue Sky, Instagram, and his Website. Also, check out his Hammer House podcast.

Make sure you're subscribed to the Comic Book Couples Counseling feed. Tomorrow, Adrian Tomine joins us to discuss his classic graphic novel Shortcomings and its upcoming adaptation directed by Randall Park. On Saturday, Chris Condon and Jacob Phillips return to the pod, breaking down their new That Texas Blood spin-off series, The Enfield Gang Massacre. Finally, on Sunday, Julie Sakai and Stan Sakai arrive on the pod and show all of us creative couples how to do collaboration right. These convos are the best panels around, and no standing in line is required.

And, if you haven't already, now's the time to join our Patreon, where superstar cartoonist Daniel Warren Johnson just recorded an epic chat with us about his favorite single-issue comic, The 'Nam #9. It's all part of our new Patreon podcast series, where we ask cool comic book creators to choose their favorite floppy comic.

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