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Daniel Warren Johnson on The 'Nam #9, a Perfect Single Issue

We asked the comic creator to pick a favorite single issue and he surprised us with this riveting 1987 Marvel comic.

Daniel Warren Johnson The Nam 9

Welcome to Married to Singles, a new Patreon Exclusive podcast series where we ask comic creators, professionals, podcasters, and fans to choose their favorite single issue comic and discuss it with us. In this entry, Daniel Warren Johnson selects The Nam #9, originally published by Marvel Comics. Listen to the whole conversation HERE.


Today we launch our week-long 2023 San Diego Comic-Con International celebrations by re-branding an old concept. Our Married to Singles series is back with a twist. Instead of us rifling through various single issues of note, we're now asking comic creators, professionals, podcasters, fans, and the like to select their favorite single issue and take us through their reasoning.

There is no better cartoonist to test this new concept than Daniel Warren Johnson. Extremity. Murder Falcon. Wonder Woman: Dead Earth. Beta Ray Bill: Ardent Star. Do a Powerbomb! DWJ is responsible for several of our all-time favorite comics. He's guested on the show twice before and, most generously, he agreed to be the subject of our latest experiment.

Single issues are such a nifty narrative delivery system. The creative team usually has twenty-two pages to tell their tale. Some folks approach them merely as chapters in a larger story. Others rigidly believe a single issue should operate as a one-and-done. You've certainly heard some comics pro at some point say, "Every comic could be someone's first." There's a lot of responsibility wrapped in that tiny package.

When we asked Daniel Warren Johnson to pick his favorite single issue, he returned with a surprise: The 'Nam #9. Originally published by Marvel Comics on May 19, 1987, the comic was written by Doug Murray, penciled by Michael Golden, inked by John Beatty, and lettered and colored by Phil Felix. G.I. Joe mastermind Larry Hama served as editor, while Jim Shooterwas Editor-in-Chief.

Before our conversation with DWJ, we had not read this issue, nor were we familiar with The'Nam series. After this conversation, we're scrounging through every dollar bin we can find to complete our 'Nam collection. Our first San Diego Comic-Con mission was declared.

What makes The 'Nam #9 so special? Why did Daniel Warren Johnson choose this one out of all the comic books in the universe? Hit that play button to find out.

Daniel Warren Johnson, The Nam #9, and Beyond!

Currently, Daniel Warren Johnson is hard at work on the new Transformers series at Skybound. Maybe you'll hear some news about that within this episode; perhaps you'll hear more about it in a future Comic Book Couples Counselingepisode. Ensure you're following the podcast feed closely this week, as we'll be dropping multiple episodes to coincide with Comic-Con. It's probably best that you're following #CBCCatSDCC on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Simply type Daniel Warren Johnson into Google, and you'll find him on all the appropriate channels, but if you like shortcuts, here's his Twitter, Instagram, and Website. Also, do yourself a favor and subscribe to his YouTube channel. His "Friday with DDubs" episodes are not to be missed.

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