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Celebrating 50 Years of Red Sonja with Shannon and Luke Lieberman

We chat with the creative couple about the challenges and joys of maintaining Red Sonja's legacy.

Red Sonja Shannon Luke Lieberman

Let the festivities begin! This year, Red Sonja celebrates her fiftieth anniversary, and as caretakers and licensors of the character, Shannon and Luke Lieberman are determined to transform 2023 into a massive birthday bash. A movie is on the horizon. Gail Simone has penned a new book, and a comics series is launching with a new number one written by Torunn Grønbekk and illustrated by Walter Geovani. It's set to release next week (7/19), which just so happens to coincide with the San Diego Comic-Con.

Red Sonja, Shannon, and Luke Lieberman will be in attendance in San Diego in a major way, hosting a fiftieth-anniversary panel on Friday at 11:30 AM in Room 5AB. Joining them will be Amy Chu, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Dan Panosian, Mark Canton, and several other significant Red Sonja creators.

Do you know who else will be at Comic-Con next week? Comic Book Couples Counseling! In fact, this week's episode launches our San Diego Comic-Con podcast blowout! As you'll hear within, we have some major plans for this year's convention, and our feeds will be stacked for the next two weeks.

It all starts here with Shannon and Luke Lieberman discussing their unique relationship with Red Sonja, the responsibility they wield as legacy caretakers, and the special set of skills they both bring to this fascinatingly creative task. And, of course, we chat about the challenges and joys of working alongside your romantic partner.

Stay up to date on all things Red Sonja by following them on Twitter, Instagram, and their Website. Also, be sure to check out our previous conversation with Luke Lieberman discussing his graphic novel collaboration, Alliances: Orphans.

If you're attending San Diego Comic-Con, come find our Lisa Gullickson on the Comics Journalism: Looking at Panels Beyond the Page panel on Thursday at 4:30 PM in Room 24ABC. She'll be joined by Heidi MacDonald (The Beat), Jimmy Aquino (Comic News Insider), Brett Schenker (Graphic Policy), Avery Kaplan (The Beat), and Chris Arrant (Popverse).

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