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Nicole Maines on How Comics Altered Her Perception of Dreamer

We chat with the creator about finally bringing her beloved character to the comic book page.

Nicole Maines Dreamer SDCC

Moving one character from one medium to another is a complex task. Nicole Maines was desperate to see her Dreamer fighting alongside the other DC Comics superheroes. However, when she pitched the idea to the publisher, she didn't expect them to ask her to participate in that process. Quickly, Maines found herself as writer of Dreamer's destiny, and such responsibility was as thrilling as it was daunting.

Already, Dreamer has appeared in Superman: Son of Kal-El and the DC crossover event, Lazarus Planet. She's rapidly becoming an essential element within the comics universe. Next year, she'll get some serious space to explore with the original graphic novel Bad Dream: A Dreamer Story, written by Nicole Maines and illustrated by Rye Hickman.

At the San Diego Comic-Con International, we sat down with Maines to discuss her hopes and dreams for Dreamer. She reveals the critical advice that fellow comic scribe, Tom Taylor, delivered when her stress levels were high. Nicole Maines also reflects on how moving Dreamer through the comic book medium revealed unique aspects about the character she had not considered previously.

Maines has been bitten by the comic book bug. She's here to stay, and she's delighted about the possibilities - for herself and Dreamer.

If you haven't already, listen to Nicole Maines' previous appearance on Comic Book Couples Counseling, talking about Lazarus Planet alongside Mark Waid and Leah Williams.

Nicole Maines Dreamer Socials

Remember, Bad Dream: A Dreamer Story arrives on shelves on April 2, 2024, but you can currently pre-order it at your local comic book shop. Not sure how to locate your closest comic book shop, CLICK HERE to find it. Also, be sure to follow Nicole Maines on Twitter and Instagram.

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