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A Todd McFarlane Interview You Haven't Heard Before

We chat with the comic book creator about his life philosophy and how it shaped his premiere superhero.

Todd McFarlane SDCC 2023 Spawn

During this year's San Diego Comic-Con International, finding someone working harder or as urgently as Todd McFarlane would be difficult. He was everywhere, announcing numerous projects one after the other. His partnership with Warner Bros. shows no signs of weakening as they unveiled numerous DC Multiverse figures, including a definitive cinematic Batman six-pack. McFarlane and Count Crowley creator David Dastmalchian revealed their Knights vs. Samurai series. He announced not one but five new Spawn comic book titles. And, yeah, he promised some big future news regarding his original character's big screen return.

We were prepared to break it down with McFarlane when we met him inside the Image Comics booth on Saturday. He was probably excited to do the same, but something immediately shifted as we sat across from each other. He leaned into the Comic Book Couples Counseling concept and got vulnerable with us.

Undoubtedly, you've read some Spawn comics. You know the character; you know his deal. You may not know or appreciate the philosophy driving the creation, however. Todd McFarlane puts it all out there in our conversation, leading to unexpected avenues regarding "chaos and consequence" and why he's so often disappointed by other comic books.

We reflect on Marvel's Silver Age and Stan Lee's "The World Outside Your Window." Todd McFarlane challenges our idealized notions of this classic era and explains what he believes catapulted those characters into the public consciousness they preoccupy today.

This episode is one of those episodes you wish could go on for a few more hours. There's never enough time. Maybe he'll join us again, and we can further follow these threads. Perhaps he won't. We're eager for you to hear this chat, though, and we think you haven't heard one quite like it from Todd McFarlane before.

Todd McFarlane Socials

If you want to continue this discussion with McFarlane, you can find him on Twitter and Instagram, as well as his Website. Follow McFarlane Toys through Twitter and Instagram.

Listen to our previous conversation with Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo talking all things Batman/Spawn HERE.

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