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Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo Bring Their Joy to Batman/Spawn

We chat with the legendary comic book creators about their Batman/Spawn reunion and the bliss it provides.

There are event comics, and then there are EVENT comics. This December, Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo reunite for the new Batman/Spawn crossover, a comic book clash two decades in the making. It's a rematch many thought would never occur, but its possibility put every reader on notice. No one wants to miss out on this back alley rumble.

Equally as legendary as the icons squaring off against each other are the creators themselves. McFarlane and Capullo's partnership solidified during Spawn's early years, and since then, it's developed into a sincere and loving friendship. Whether they were making comics together or not, they were never too far apart, and now that they're back on a book, we will benefit from their brotherhood. The Batman/Spawn pages radiate the profound creative joy of their makers.

McFarlane and Capullo join us this week to discuss their return to the Batman and Spawn universes and the resulting reality-smashing brawl. We chat about how this book fits or doesn't fit into the original nineties Batman/Spawn battle. We dig into the energy created by comparing and contrasting the two characters and why McFarlane and Capullo are busting their butts to get this book done. Most importantly, we are Comic Book Couples Counseling, the two creators contemplate how their reunion rejuvenates their artistic drive and what they hope to pull from the experience.

Batman/Spawn's FOC (final order cutoff) is 10/23 and will ultimately release on 12/13. The trade paperback release of Batman/Spawn: The Classic Collection will hit shelves and digital on 11/15. Find more details about the publications via DC Comics.

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