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Mark Waid, Nicole Maines, and Leah Williams Reign in 'Lazarus Planet'

We chat with the comic book creators about the new DC Comics crossover event and why science is magic.

The latest DC Comics event is here - Lazarus Planet! Spearheaded by Mark Waid and Gene Luen Yang and carried forth by writers like Nicole Maines and Leah Williams, the crossover radically alters DC's science-based and magic-based heroes. Chaos rains, and chaos reigns.

Heroes transformed. Secrets revealed. Powers unleashed. As seen in Batman vs. Robin #4, Lazarus Island has exploded. Dangerous, magical chemicals spread across the globe, catastrophically changing the atmosphere and the heroes who fight below it. The DC Comics Universe will never be the same again. And you will absolutely become a fan of Monkey Prince, Dreamer, and Power Girl if you're not already.

On this week's episode, we're extremely excited (and we do mean extremely) to have Mark Waid back on the show, this time talking about our favorite father/son caped crusaders, Bruce Wayne and Damian Wayne. We break down where various DC characters fall on the magic/science spectrum and where Mark Waid falls too.

We're also thrilled to have Nicole Maines and Leah Williams on the podcast, discussing their contributions to the Lazarus Planet: Assualt on Krypton one-shot. The book establishes a new world order for their characters, Dreamer and Power Girl. Folks who will become increasingly essential in the wake of the Lazarus Island eruption.

Maines and Williams also consider their relationship with science and magic and how it informs their roles as creators. Maines obviously has a unique bond with Dreamer, having performed as her on the CW's Supergirl. We chat about that responsibility and why it's important for her to be the character's caretaker in the comics.

Lazarus Planet: Assault on Krypton is Leah Williams' introduction to DC Comics work. She's positively giddy about pushing Power Girl through the wringer in the upcoming issues of Action Comics, and she assures us that the Kryptonian's journey begins right here with the Lazarus Island fallout. The changes experienced in the one-shot forever mutate our understanding of Power Girl; she's not just a fringe universe Supergirl.

Both Lazarus Planet: Alpha and Lazarus Planet: Assault on Krypton are currently available wherever fine comics are sold. Make sure to follow Mark Waid on Twitter and through his Website. Follow Nicole Maines on Twitter and Instagram. And follow Leah Williams on Twitter and Instagram.

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