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Most Anticipated Comics of 2024

As the year winds down, we look ahead and observe an exceptionally bright future for our favorite medium.

Most Anticipated Comics 2024

We're eager beavers. The year's still ongoing, and we need to assemble our two Stampies episodes (aka our end-of-the-year awards ceremony celebrating the best comics), but we've already tabulated the Most Anticipated Comics of 2024. Tis the season. When you reflect on all the good stuff you read throughout these last twelve months, you immediately start frothing at the mouth for more.

Looking ahead, there is a lovely batch of books worthy of attention. As far as this medium is concerned, the future is bright. We said it last year, and it holds today. Comics are as good as they've ever been. Don't let the small, loud voices online convince you otherwise. The industry may not look like it once did, but the art form is rock solid, and change is inevitable and necessary. It stinks to be them because we're bouncing with excitement at what's coming up.

In the past, our Most Anticipated Comics list arrived ranked and confident. The confidence remains, but the ranking is gone. Arranging one book over or under another seems arbitrary and inaccurate. All the books below have us beaming; none really rise above any other. They all have our attention and desire.

What's not on the list? Ongoing titles, mostly. We're itching for the Love Everlasting conclusion and more Birds of Prey, but their anticipation is a given. Also, you won't find those titles promised for 2024 but have yet to set a specific release date—no Mike Mignola 80+ page comic, no untitled Matt Bors and Ben Clarkson comic. We'll be all over them the second they get an official announcement. Finally, we do not include those all-important reprint collections. Richard Corben's Hellboy stories are on their way in a massive new hardcover, as are Jeff Smith's college Thorn strips, but they've seen the light of day before, and we've disqualified them after much debate between the two of us.

One final caveat! The books on this list find their way onto it based on our weirdo tastes. We're not you. Our point of view is unique, and we may not even be aware of the titles you'd add below. So, please let us know. What did we miss? What would you have included? What are your Most Anticipated Comics of 2024?


Bad Dream: A Dreamer Story

Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Bad Dream
Image Credit © 2023 DC Entertainment

We've known about this title for a while and have spoken with writer Nicole Maines about it on at least two separate occasions (during our Lazarus Planet episode and SDCC chat). Dreamer means so much to Maines, having taken the character from the screen to the page, and her partnership with artist Rye Hickman appears to be exceptional based on the few panels previewed. 2024 will be a significant year for the character. We're equally excited about the recently announced Suicide Squad series, but this emotional deep dive into Dreamer's internal life has us buzzing the most. (Release Date: 4/2/24)



Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Barda
Image Credit © 2023 DC Entertainment

Barda and Scott Free were one of the first couples we counseled on the podcast. Anything where they're the focus will snatch our attention. Now, tell us that bestselling writer/artist Ngozi Ukazu (Check, Please) is steering their courtship. That's irresistible. And just read this snippet from the plot synopsis, "But Barda has a secret...she is in love. Or she is drawn to the idea of it anyway, whether it be the beauty of a flower, her affection for her closest friend, Aurelie, or the mysterious and fierce enemy warrior, Orioin, who is the only match for Barda's strength." That's CBCC catnip right there. (Release Date: 6/4/24)


The Blood Brothers Mother

Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Blood Brothers Mother
Image Credit © 2023 DSTLRY

Just as we finished the Most Anticipated Comics of 2024 list, DSTLRY announced three new titles from three tantalizing creative teams (you'll find the other two below, too). Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso earned our permanent attention after 100 Bullets. If you see their name on a book, you gotta snatch it up. Put them on a Western; the anticipation increases dramatically. These two were born for widescreen vistas and craggily Noir corners. The plot involves three children seeking to free their mother from nefarious hands. DSTLRY tells us to expect wild animals, bounty hunters, and blood. (Release Date: 5/?/24)


Batman: Dark Age

Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Batman Dark Age
Image Credit © 2023 DC Entertainment

Look! It's the Dark Knight sequel to Superman: Space Age by Mark Russell and Mike Allred. Done! Ordered! The two creators attempt to place Bruce Wayne's Batman beginnings within the context of actual historical events. It's a topic we wouldn't crave from just anybody, but with Russell and Allred involved, we're more than willing to dwell on the Dark Knight's ascent/descent into madness. (Release Date: 3/26/24)


Cobra Commander

Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Cobra Commander
Image Credit © 2023 Skybound Entertainment

Our Brad was a mark for the Energon Universe. Transformers and GI Joe practically raised him. On the other hand, Lisa could not care less for those robots in disguise or their real American hero cousins. Robert Kirkman, Lorenzo De Felici, Daniel Warren Johnson, Joshua Williamson, and Tom Reilly won her over with character, emotion, and style. These books thrive independently; Brad's nostalgic feel-good tingles are just a bonus. So, considering that Void Rivals, Transformers, and Duke have all delivered on quality, there is no reason to doubt Cobra Commander. As Williamson told us on our latest episode, the work he's doing here with artist Andrea Milana may be his most delicious meal so far. Knowing the series dabbles in horror is extra intriguing. (Release Date: 1/17/24)


Godzilla: Monster Island Summer Camp

Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Godzilla Summer Camp
Image Credit © 2023 IDW Publishing

Godzilla kids comics! Dreams do come true. Rosie Knight and Oliver Ono team up to bring us a coming-of-age Summer camp story co-starring our favorite Kaiju. Zelda wants nothing more than to be a top-tier artist, but when the island camp she signed up for suddenly converts into a sports arena, she retreats to the farthest corners of the environment. There, she meets the right scaly friend at the right time. Cute, cute, cute. It's Minilla's time to shine, friends! (Release Date: 8/13/23)


Helen of Wyndhorn

Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Helen of Wyndhorn
Image Credit © 2023 Dark Horse Comics

Bilquis Evely, Tom King, Matheus Lopes, Clayton Cowles - the entire Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow team reunites to tell this gothic sword and sorcery epic that supposedly smashes Conan the Barbarian with The Wizard of Oz. Given what they accomplished on Supergirl, Helen of Wyndhorn belongs here, and we don't think we would be too hasty in predicting its presence on many Best Comics of 2024 lists either. This creative crew is one of the finest ever assembled, and their cosmic adventure continues to rattle around our imaginations. Witnessing them take on realms reminiscent of L. Frank Baum and Robert E. Howard puts drool on our chin. Gross! But, also, awesome!


Hog Book and Lazer Eyes

Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Hogbook and Lazer Eyes
Image Credit © 2023 Fantagraphics

This comic is the only carryover from last year's Most Anticipated Comics list. Due to various and boring factors, Hogbook and Lazer Eyes by Maria Bamford and Scott Marvel Cassidy failed to see release in 2023, but we're a patient lot and have managed to wait without tearing our hair out. We never miss a Maria Bamford joint, whether an album, a memoir, or a stand-up special. The notion that she and her husband have combined their powers to produce art in our favorite medium sparks tremendous passion in our particular Bamford fandom. Hogbook and Lazer Eyes retells their courtship through the eyes of various canine housemates. Swoon. The only thing we love more than love is adorable little doggos. (Release Date: 6/4/24)


Juni Ba's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Juni Ba Ninja Turtles
Image Credit © 2023 IDW Publishing

When we moderated the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IDW Publishing panel at New York Comic-Con this year, the only thing people wanted to know from us was what was happening after the ongoing's 150th issue. We still don't really know, but IDW's Free Comic Book Day solicitation gives us a little tease. Juni Ba, the genius cartoonist behind Djeliya, Monkey Meat, and Mobilis: My Life with Captain Nemo, is getting his own TMNT mini-series. Ba has previously dipped into the Turtles, doing a short comic here and there, including the most magnificent 2022 Annual. That Splinter-inspired issue may very well be our favorite TMNT tale of the last decade, and we're dying to see what Ba can do with this franchise once given some proper space. (Release Date: 5/4/24)


Karate Prom

Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Karate Prom
Image Credit © 2023 First Second Books

Kyle Starks had a killer 2023. I Hate This Place stuck its landing. Peacemaker tried real damn hard. Marvel Pets unleashed. Various iconic monsters had a pleasant laydown. And it seems like Starks is gearing up to have an equally excellent 2024, but the title that has us salivating the most is Karate Prom. What ya gotta know - for Don and Sam, it was love at first knockout. Although, if they want to make it work, they must survive a gauntlet of baddies, including their terrifying, evil exes. Say no more. Based on a short Free Comic Book Day digital comic from a few years back, Karate Prom sees Starks pulling double duty on art and story. We love almost everything Starks puts his hands to, but we positively adore him when he's working every angle. Seek out Old Head, Sexcastle, and Kill Them All if you haven't already. (Release Date: 5/7/24)



Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Kommix
Image Credit © 2023 Fantagraphics

"80 comic books that never were." Charles Burns, the master Black Hole cartoonist, cracks open his brain, allowing us to rummage through his secret stash of cult and pulp comics that never existed before but totally should have. Kommix is a collection of stories from another dimension, not only of sight and sound but of mind. Burns is at play, racing through and filtering genres through his distinct vision. Is this 2024's Monica? We're hoping so. (Release Date: 7/9/24)


The Last Ronin II: Re-Evolution

The Last Ronin II
Image Credit © 2023 IDW Publishing

The Last Ronin was designed as the final Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story, a capper based on a decades-old idea from Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman. However, the story left a possibility for more with a new generation of Turtles (Yi, Uno, Odyn, and Moja). Sure, The Lost Years dipped into their future happenings, but The Last Ronin II: Re-Evolution is the proper sequel, built off the tiny hope left in the supposed last TMNT story. Along with Eastman, Tom Waltz, Ben Bishop, and the Escorza Brothers return and guide the young brothers through a new, deadly mission. The first series was an event, and we're curious to see if the next chapter can compete with its impressive gravity. (Release Date: 2/28/24)


Loving, Ohio

Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Loving Ohio
Image Credit © 2023 Dark Horse Comics

Loving, Ohio, is a town run by a cult. They're called The Chorus and are integrated into every little nook and cranny within the government and community. After the mysterious death of their friend, Sloane, Elliott, Cameron, and Ana explore the odd world around them that possibly sparked the tragedy or straight up caused it. Written by Matthew Erman and illustrated by Sam Beck, Loving, Ohio is a coming-of-age tale and an attack against systemic evil. Once you've voted in a demon, you then fight never-ending battles justifying that vote, even though admitting your mistake would make everyone's life much easier. (Release Date: 8/7/24)


Man's Best

Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Mans Best
Image Credit © 2023 Boom Studios

Pornsak Pichetshote (The Good Asian) and Jesse Lonergan (Miss Truesdale and the Fall of Hyperborea) join forces for this spectacular-looking science fiction odyssey involving several star-trekking pets. Three emotional support animals searching for a new home are aboard the Starship Horizon. We're shy on details, but we're guessing Earth is in shambles, and corporate greed is to blame. Like most books on this list, the real draw is the creators behind it. Pichetshote and Lonergan are responsible for some of our all-time favorite comics. When you throw animals into the mix, our heart soars. We hope the adventure fares better for these critters than those poor souls in We3, but we still know we'll get a seriously riveting ride if it doesn't. (Release Date: 3/20/24)



Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Spectregraph
Image Credit © 2023 DSTLRY

James Tynion IV and Christian Ward are another inviting combo. Batman: City of Madness was a gloriously looking trip in 2023, filled with cosmic dread and bottomless style. Tynion's Dracula launched Skybound's Universal Monsters domain, paying beautiful homage to the source material while delivering righteous, contemporary anger. Not to forget Something is Killing the Children, The Nice House on the Lake, and Blood-Stained Teeth. These two have horror on lock. Spectregraph features a haunted LA mansion and is being sold as emotionally similar to The Haunting of Hill House and The Conjuring. We're already shivering. (Release Date: 4/?/24)


Ultimate Spider-Man

Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Ultimate Spider-Man
Image Credit © 2023 Marvel Comics

Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley's Ultimate Spider-Man was the first comic we bonded over as a married couple. It's a series we've wanted to return to on the podcast since the beginning. In 2024, with the release of this pseudo-spin-off, we absolutely must. We're nearly as excited for Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Black Panther, but that personal connection edges this to the top of our pullbox. How Jonathan Hickman has kickstarted the Ultimate Universe is intriguing, even though we're not yet sold. The Invasion was a solid set-up, but the payoff will hopefully rest within these new titles. We want to believe in a world where Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are happily married because that used to be our world. Here's Spidey fandom's chance to eat its cake and have it, too. (Release Date: 1/10/24)


White Boat

Most Anticipated Comics 2024 White Boat
Image Credit © 2023 DSTLRY

Okay, okay, for this one, let's pretend it's not the creative team that has us hot and heavy for it. Never mind The Black Mirror and Night of the Ghoul, two undeniably flawless bits of creation. White Boat examines those floating island yachts, those beastly machines that clog the docks behind the San Diego Comic-Con. One such behemoth transports a horde of the filthy rich to a tropical locale, where secret cults prepare to jam them into something called "The Human Project." Creators Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla are mixing up a little Jurassic Park, a smidgen of Hereditary, and a chunk of The Island of Dr. Moreau. When they cook together, they always serve something tasty, even when it's so wickedly perverse and revolting. The dinner bell's ringing. Let's eat the rich. (Release Date: 3/?/24)


Youth Group

Most Anticipated Comics 2024 Youth Group Jordan Morris
Image Credit © 2023 First Second Books

Kay was prepared for the Jesus talks and singalongs at the Stone Mission Church in Orange County, California. What she couldn't have predicted was the real-deal exorcism she would stumble into or how it would reveal her central role in the ultimate fight between good and evil. 'Scuse me - Good and Evil. Capital G. Capital E. Jordan Morris and Bowen McCurdy will undoubtedly have gargantuan heaps of fun navigating the ultimate celestial cage match, but we're counting on some heartfelt catharsis along the way. Morris' graphic novel Bubble was a 2021 fave packed with wit, savagery, and humanity.


There you have it. So, what did we miss? Let us know. Email:


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