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Free Comic Book Day with Third Eye Comics and Jesse Lonergan

We visit the new Buys and Bargains Third Eye Comics store and chat with some essential comics champions.

We celebrate Free Comic Book Day with Jesse Lonergan and Steve Anderson from Third Eye Comics. Our first-ever spectacular promoting the annual event where comic readers collide to nab free comics but, more importantly, buy comics. Free Comic Book Day is a shop appreciation day, not a customer appreciation day. So, be kind, say thank you, and discover a new universe of titles and characters. Exploration is your mission.

In our first portion, we chat extensively with Steve Anderson about his new Buys and Bargains Third Eye Comics location in Annapolis, Maryland. What purpose does this particular store offer that the others don't? What goodies did we come away with during our little shop preview? What does the retailer of one of the country's best comic shops think about the industry today, and what are the comics he's most excited to read? We get into it.

In our second half, we speak with cartoonist extraordinaire Jesse Lonergan about his new Mike Mignola collaboration, Miss Truesdale and the Fall of Hyperborea, published by Dark Horse Comics. For Hellboy fans, this is an essential entry, further detailing the ancient mythology that frequently steers Anung Un Rama's fate. We discuss the responsibility of working with such precious characters and why Lonergan was such a natural fit. We also get into the weeds of pacing, time, and who controls what within the comics medium. It's another can't-miss conversation.

There are few days of the year we enjoy more than Free Comic Book Day. We all owe a lot to Joe Field, the Flying Colors comic shop proprietor who originated the concept. If you would like to know more about the event's origins, be sure to listen to The Short Box podcast. The latest episode features an extensive interview with Field.

Most importantly, visit Third Eye Comics! Follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

You can also keep track of Jesse Lonergan on Twitter, Instagram, and his Website.



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