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Tom King Goes Into the Woods and down the dell with 'Danger Street'

We chat with the comic book scribe about his new maxi-series featuring a whole mess of rad superhero rejects.

Tom King Danger Street

Once upon a time, in a far-off kingdom, Tom King returned! In this episode, we go into the woods and down the dell; the path is straight toward Danger Street! We're talking with the creator about his utterly absurd and equally delightful maxi-series, illustrated by Jorge Fornés, colored by Dave Stewart, lettered by Clayton Cowles, and currently on the stands from DC Comics.

What's the tougher task - knocking out another Batman story or creating a narrative where twenty-three random superhero rejects make perfect inhabitants? Tom King takes us through Danger Street's creation, the mission he's hoping to accomplish with it, and how these characters have caused him to reconsider other staples from the DC Comics stable.

Our conversation also allows us to delve into our recent obsession with comic book dollar bins, an obsession that Tom King most definitely shares. Within those glorious longboxes, you never know what you'll find; for Tom, they might be the basis for his next weirdo spandex drama.

Most importantly, Danger Street radically aligns with a larger conversation that we've been having at Comic Book Couples Counseling. The tiniest acts, the tiniest kindnesses, can have the most massive of impacts on our larger society. Sometimes, the greatest superpower is your availability. Showing up for others and showing up for yourself can save the day.

This episode covers the first six issues of Tom King's Danger Street, but it's not spoiler-heavy. Our hope is that the conversation will encourage new readers to jump onto the title, so we're not looking to ruin anyone's good time.

Tom King Danger Street Plugs!

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