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Mitch Gerads and Tom King on 'Batman: The Brave and The Bold'

We chat with the dynamic duo about their scariest collaboration yet, and why Joker is superhuman.

Mitch Gerads Tom King Batman Brave and the Bold

We get highfalutin with Mitch Gerads and Tom King, discussing their latest Dark Knight collaboration, "The Winning Card," as it appears in Batman: The Brave and the Bold #1, out now from DC Comics. The longtime collaborators continue to test each other, pulling the very best from one another and delivering a Batman tale unlike any other.

It's Year One for both Bats and Joker. They're looking to prove themselves. They're looking to sell themselves to Gotham City. And sell themselves as something beyond the mere mortals that they are.

Or are they? Is there something more to their masks, their supernatural charade? Tom and Mitch have their perspectives on what it means to be superhuman, and yeah, so do we, especially Lisa.

The hot takes are flying fast and furious this week as we dig into Bruce Wayne's mission to fix Gotham, dissect the scariest Joker in ages, and what propels Mitch Gerads and Tom King to collaborate. This episode is Part One of a Two-Part DC Comics celebration. Please return in just a few days to hear us go further down the highfalutin boom tube rabbit hole as Tom King sticks around the Love Nest, chatting about the ultra-rad and rather incredible Danger Street miniseries.

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