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Tom King and Elsa Charretier Deliver 'Love Everlasting'

We chat with the creators about their new experimental narrative, soon to be published via Image Comics.

Love is a trap, especially if you're Joan Peterson tumbling terrifyingly through numerous romantic scenarios in the new Image Comics series Love Everlasting. Creators Tom King and Elsa Charretier satirize and celebrate the young romance comics, once mastered by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. In the process, they savagely comment on the culture and business of love.

King and Charretier climax our San Diego Comic-Con Internationalcoverage, joining us on the show and sharing their philosophy surrounding romantic fiction and how it shapes our perception. Both bring thorough, thoughtful consideration to the characters they're exploring, while also being cautious regarding the subtext they're plunging.

Love Everlasting is a mighty swing comic, dropping its reader into a realm that masterfully balances absurdity, horror, and melodrama. King and Charretier delight in withholding a massive mythology but find confidence in their trust of us, their readers. We're patient, understanding, and eager to have this conversation. Hallmark courtship has had its day.

You can currently read Love Everlasting's first five issues via their Everlasting Productions Substack feed. However, if physical books are your jam, the first issue will make its Image Comics debut on August 10th. You should also follow Tom King on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE, and Elsa Charretier on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE. Find her YouTube page HERE.

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