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'Survival Street' is Brought to You by the Letters W-T-F?

We chat with writers James Asmus and Jim Festante about their new apocalyptic puppet comic.

Today's episode is brought to you by the letters W-T-F? Writers James Asmus and Jim Festante join us for a very special Creator Corner to discuss their new apocalyptic puppet caper comic Survival Street, which hits shops on August 3rd. Get that banana out of your ear, because we've got something else to shove in it.

Now is a weird time to be alive. Frequently, hope seems out of reach. More and more, our neighbors appear to be strangers. If only the public access puppets of our youth could help us out now as they did back then. In Survival Street, they can, and they do!

We talk with James Asmus and Jim Festante about their deliciously demented comic book and how they managed to adhere to the morality of yesterday's famous felt edutainers while also savagely lampooning them. Survival Streethas a mean bite, but it maintains a massive heart too. The combination creates a surprisingly heartfelt satire demanding attention.

From Dark Horse Comics, Survival Street #0 is currently available to read for free via Comic Book Resources. Jim Festante doesn't mess with social media, but you can find his website HERE. James Asmus can be reached on Twitter, Instagram, and at the Future Skeletons website.

Survival Street artist Abylay Kussainov is @abylaykussainov on Twitter. Colorist Ellie Wright is @elliewrightart on Twitter. Letterer Taylor Esposito is @TaylorEspo on Twitter.

Our Creator Corner conversation with James Asmus and Jim Festante officially kicks off our road to the San Diego Comic-Con International. Following right on the heels of this chat will be an in-depth discussion with Matt Kindt about his new Dark Horse Comics imprint Flux House, and following immediately after that, Scott Snyder returns to the podcast! If everything goes according to plan, we'll also be joined by Tom King and Elsa Charretier, detailing their new Image Comics series, Love Everlasting.

Much more will come once we touch down in San Diego on Tuesday. Stay up to date with everything we're doing by following #CBCCatSDCC on Twitter and Instagram.

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