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Kyle Starks Discovers the Perfect Title: 'Karate Prom'

We chat with the cartoonist about his new YA comic about two teens who just love the sh*t out of each other.

Kyle Starks Karate Prom Interview

He's back—like you've never seen him before. Kyle Starks, the writer behind I Hate This Place, Peacemaker Tries Hard!, and Where Monsters Lie, just released an original graphic novel at First Second that's all-ages and without swears. Karate Prom is a heart-forward action adventure about two teens who find love in the ring, or after it, when Sam knocks Don "TheDragonWilson" Jones out cold.

As Starks puts it in our conversation, he's entered his "two people who just love the sh*t out of each other phase." And how could Comic Book Couples Counseling not celebrate? Conflict is necessary and inevitable, but it's nice to witness a couple find it outside their relationship and in the forms of terrifying exes, a global crime cartel, and an onslaught of ninjas.

Karate Prom also offers us an opportunity to relive our squidgy high school rituals and force Kyle Starks to do the same. Who was the biggest player in high school: Brad, Lisa, or Kyle? The answer may surprise you. Or not...probably not.

Enjoy Karate Prom and Get More Kyle Starks in Your Life

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