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Kyle Starks Goes All Out Horror with 'I Hate This Place'

The comic creator returns to the Love Nest to discuss his new kitchen sink horror comic from Skybound/Image.

Aliens and monsters and slashers, oh my! Kyle Starks didn't want to play with any one creature feature, so he threw them all into I Hate This Place. His new kitchen sink horror comic made in collaboration with Artyom Topilin, Lee Loughridge, and Pat Brosseau is a wild, far-out terror experience that feels unlike any other project he's put out before while also remaining true to his distinct oddball voice.

Kyle Starks has wanted to tell this tale for a while, and I Hate This Place's first issue reads with an electric urgency. The story follows Gabby and Trudy as they venture into the wilderness, where Gabby's aunt has left them a ranch to watch over. But, something else watches over the ranch as well. Maybe several other something elses, actually. None good.

We were thrilled to have Starks back in our love nest, giving us all the gory details regarding I Hate This Place's creative origin and why the comic comes in two titular flavors: I Hate or F*CK This. We also get into how those two titles truly do offer two separate thematic tastes. And, yes, which you desire says a lot about you.

I Hate This Place #1 is currently available from Skybound Entertainment/Image Comics, and ready for purchase at your local comic shop. Issue #2 drops on June 22nd.

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