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Patreon Preview: Entering Sandman's Dream Country

With excitement building around Neil Gaiman's epic, we're reading and exploring the series one issue at a time for the first time.

With the recent Sandman trailer drop, the world seems re-energized regarding all things Dream King. We are here for it. In fact, we've been reading Neil Gaiman's epic series one issue at a time/one week at a time for more than a year now and recording our thoughts through our Patreon feed.

Our Sleepwalking Through Sandman episodes are some of our favorite conversations that we've had in the Love Nest, made all the better by our Patrons providing context and history every week. When we initially launched the show, we plopped the first episode into our main feed, and we thought it was time to give our regular audience another preview.

This Sandman #17 episode was initially recorded several months ago, but we think it's one of our best Sandman conversations. We hope you agree with us. As first-time Sandman readers, we're deeply fascinated with Morpheus' romantic relationships. You'll hear how we're struggling to comprehend his behavior toward Nada, and how this deep dive into his relationship with Calliope re-contextualizes the Dream King's actions.

We hope you enjoy this chat. Longtime CBCC listeners may have some inkling of what we sound like when we're in full-sweatpants mode, but newcomers could be a little shocked. We can get real dang silly, friends. Enjoy! And please let us know what you think of this podcast series.

Sandman #17 was published by DC Comics with a cover date of July 1990. It's written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Kelley Jones & Malcolm Jones III, lettered by Todd Klein, colored by Robbie Busch(Original) and Daniel Vozzo (Re-Color), assistant edited by Tom Peyer, edited by Karen Berger, and features a cover by Dave McKean. Created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg.

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