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John Harris Dunning Invites Us Into Spider-Woman #50's Web

We break down the final issue of the iconic Spider-Woman run with the Angouleme award-winning writer.

John Harris Dunning Spider-Woman 50

Welcome to Married to Singles, a new Patreon Exclusive podcast series where we ask comic creators, professionals, podcasters, and fans to choose their favorite single issue comic and discuss it with us. In this entry, John Harris Dunning selects Spider-Woman #50, originally published by Marvel Comics. Listen to the whole conversation HERE.


Our Married to Singles series returns with John Harris Dunning, the Angouleme award-winning writer behind WiperSalem BrownstoneTumult, and more. You've also seen his writing appear in The Guardian, EsquireGQ, etc. We first met him while hanging out with our previous Married to Singles guest, Christian Ward, at last year's New York Comic-Con, and we hit it off smashingly, droning on about our favorite comics. We immediately knew we needed him on the pod for a Married to Singles situation, and John did not disappoint.

For his session, John selected Spider-Woman #50, the final issue in the original run. It's a comic neither of us had read before, but we may have to devour the entire series after this conversation. Marvel Comics published it in February 1983. It's written by Ann Nocenti, penciled by Brian Postman, inked by Sam de la Rosa, colored by Andy Yanchus, and lettered by Rick Parker.

As a final issue, these artists crammed as much story into Spider-Woman 50 as possible. The book reads more like three than it does one. There's a nefarious villain eager to put Jessica Drew in her place, a celebratory apartment party featuring heroes and villains, and a time-traveling brawl with the series' true nemesis. If you're going to go out, you might as well go out swinging.

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