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WWE's Jason Ayers Lays the Smack Down on Uncanny X-Men #183

The WWE referee selects one of his favorite single issues and breaks it down with us, page by page.

Jason Ayers Uncanny X-Men 183

Welcome to Married to Singles, a new Patreon Exclusive podcast series where we ask comic creators, professionals, podcasters, and fans to choose their favorite single issue comic and discuss it with us. In this entry, the WWE's Jason Ayers selects The Uncanny X-Men #183, originally published by Marvel Comics. Listen to the whole conversation HERE.


#TeamThoughtBallons! It seems only natural to follow up our last Daniel Warren Johnson Married to Singles episode with WWE referee extraordinaire Jason Ayers. If you've hung around Comic Book Couples Counseling for a bit or lurked within the Patreon Slack, you're well acquainted with Jason. He was one of our first listeners and one of our first patrons. And we've wanted to trap him in our Zoom room for a while.

Finally, the stars aligned, and the time has come. We asked Jason to pick one of his favorite single issues for our second Married to Singles episode. Yup, he had difficulty narrowing it down to just one comic. After a bit of back and forth, however, he selected Uncanny X-Men#183.

Marvel Comics originally published the issue on April 10, 1984. It's written by Chris Claremont, penciled by John Romita Jr., inked by Dan Green, colored by Glynis Wein, lettered by Tom Orzechowski, and edited by Ann Nocenti.

Uncanny X-Men #183 spins right out of the original Secret Wars, where on Battleworld, Colossus fell in love with Zsaji. After she died tragically, Peter Rasputin returned to Earth with his heart in pieces and his former flame, Kitty Pryde, waiting eagerly to rekindle their relationship. Colossus can't deal, though, and breaks up with her on a lovely campus hillside with a raging sunset in the background. Disgusted, Wolverine drags Colossus to a local watering hole where he can teach him some tough love, primarily using the Juggernaut to knock some sense into him.

Jason Ayers picked the perfect Comic Book Couples Counseling comic. We've struggled to cover Peter and Kitty on the podcast in the past, and this issue sorts through why that's been the case. In fact, this conversation might be our ultimate statement on the couple. Curious to hear if you agree with our assessment or not.

Just type Jason Ayers into the Google Machine and you'll find him, but if that's too much work for ya, you can click on his Twitter and Instagram. Let him know how much you enjoyed his appearance on the podcast and join #TeamThoughtBalloons.

We've already recorded our third Married to Singles conversation. Stay tuned, in two weeks we'll drop our chat with Batman: City of Madness cartoonist, Christian Ward, discussing the highly influential Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on a Serious Earth.

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