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"The 50/50 Risk." Maria Bamford and Scott Marvel Cassidy Are 'Hogbook and Lazer Eyes'

We chat with the creative couple about their new graphic novel and why ya gotta go all in with your partner.

Maria Bamford Scott Marvel Cassidy Hogbook and Lazer Eyes Interview

How you define your relationship determines its trajectory. If you see your romance as a triumph over adversity, you will triumph. This is one of the many lessons we took from our long ago exploration of Drs. John and Julie Gottman, and we discuss their philosophy thoroughly on this week's podcast with Maria Bamford and Scott Marvel Cassidy. Their new graphic novel from Fantagraphics, Hogbook and Lazer Eyes, details their complicated coupling, all told through the eyes of their various elder pugs.

When Maria Bamford and Scott Marvel Cassidy were at their lowest, they signed up for the dating website O.K. Cupid, using the handles "Hogbook" and "Lazer Eyes." One date became two, which became three, then four. Their compatibility was less than a sure thing, but as they persisted, their connection solidified. Something about the other stirred understanding in themselves, and witnessing that epiphany through their canine housemates cleverly, maybe magically, creates profundity.

After the Gottmans, we discuss the other classic texts that shaped our understanding of relationships: Dan Slott and Michael Allred's Silver Surfer. As we've previously covered on the show, entering a marriage is to engage with "The Infinite All-In." In a best-case scenario, one of you will leave the other to wallow in grief. As you'll hear, for Maria Bamford and Scott Marvel Cassidy, "the 50/50 risk" gives value to the partnership.

Hogbook and Lazer Eyes - Triumphant!

As longtime admirers of Maria Bamford's standup comedy and television work and Scott Marvel Cassidy's comics and artistry, it was more than a joy to chat with them about Hogbook and Lazer Eyes. Discussing romance and collaboration with another creative couple helped us more clearly define our desires and wants for the future. Is a puppy on the horizon? Possibly.

To continue this conversation online, follow Maria Bamford on Twitter, Instagram, and her Website. Follow Scott Marvel Cassidy on Instagram and his Website. Hogbook and Lazer Eyes is now available from Fantagraphics. Find it wherever fine comics are sold.

As always, Omnibus, the Digital Comic Store and Reader, sponsors our Referrals segment. This week, we selected two comic book titles on the site that satisfy this episode's themes. We won't spoil what they are here, but if you click the links below, you'll be immediately escorted to those books.

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