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The Ultimate Dan Slott Silver Surfer Interview: Anywhere & Everywhere

We chat with the comic scribe about his sci-fi romance adventure and why Dawn Greenwood is a Superhero.

Hang on! Dan Slott joins Comic Book Couples Counseling for an epic, in-depth conversation about his Silver Surfer run, which he did in collaboration with Mike Allred and Laura Allred. No other comic has had as profound an impact on our relationship as this one, especially when you consider that Dawn Greenwood and Norrin Radd were the inspiration for the podcast. In many ways, we've spent our entire time on this show preparing for the deep-dive chat you're about to hear.

In creator corner conversations, we usually do our best to avoid spoilers. However, this is an intensive exploration of the Slott/Allred Silver Surferrun. We encourage you to read the entire thing before venturing within as we start with the end and work our way backward. We promise you that Dan Slott has never discussed this series in this much detail or from this particular angle.

Slott offers a second opinion on the Dawn & Norrin romance. We throw at him the lessons we learned throughout our five previous Silver Surfer episodes, and he reflects a few ideas and rejects some others. He walks us through his emotions while creating the series, and his dreams for what more he could have said if given a few extra issues. Yes, we discuss several deleted scenes.

A new printing of the Silver Surfer omnibus from Marvel Comics arrives on March 7th. Make some space on your bookshelf, because you don't want to miss out on this one like you did the first one.

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