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We Enter the Blue with Dave Chisholm

Our latest Creator Corner conversation is a deep-dive discussion with Dave Chisholm about his latest graphic novel, a celebration of Blue Note Records.

Welcome to our Creator Corner, our new reoccurring interview series, where we chat with the coolest and most thought-provoking creators in the comics industry. In this entry, we're conversing with Dave Chisholm about Enter the Blue. Listen to the unedited audio HERE.


Frequently, the thing that's stopping us from achieving creation is us. Freeing yourself of ego and existing exclusively in the moment is the hardest lesson for an artist to learn. Just be you. Easier said than done.

Dave Chisholm's graphic novel Enter the Blue charts Jessie Choi's journey from fearful performer to unrestrained musician. She accomplishes this through accessing a metaphysical/metaphorical space called the Blue, a realm where the most fabulous jazz artists forever inhabit. In doing so, she connects with her history and the history of Blue Note Records.

When the label approached Chisholm about possibly transforming their epic contribution to the art form into a comic book, the teacher/musician/cartoonist imagined a much dustier approach. However, Blue Note Records wanted something a little out-there, a little more sci-fi. Enter the Blue is the most excellent result.

We chat with Chisholm about his own artistic hangups and what he had to do to overcome them. We discuss his musical and sequential art influences. And we get into what Chisholm craves from projects similar to this one.

Continue this conversation with Dave Chisholm by following him on Twitter, Instagram, and his Website. Enter the Blue arrives in paperback on 9/27 from Z2 Comics. Get your copy HERE.

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