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'Creature from the Black Lagoon Lives!' with Ram V and Dan Watters

We chat with the writers about their take on the Universal monster and the mirror it holds to its readers.

Creature from the Black Lagoon Lives Ram V Dan Waters

The Gill-man just does it for us. Or Lisa, more specifically. You can have your Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Wolf Man, and Invisible Man; we'll take the wet and wild one off your hands any day of the week. Creature from the Black Lagoon Lives! And no more ravishingly than in our hearts.

Where other Universal Monsters stem from rich, lurid literature and folklore, the Creature is a far more contemporary, fish. His origins are chained to the 1954 film, its few sequels, and the morality of that brief timeline. While we've seen artists offer some spins on the design here and there, for the most part, it's been a long time since anyone's properly played in the Creature's intoxicating fish tank.

As part of Skybound Entertainment and Universal's recent partnership, writers Ram V and Dan Watters (The One Hand, The Six Fingers), along with artist Matthew Roberts, colorist Dave Stewart, and letterer DC Hopkins, continue the Gill-man's saga, some indeterminate time after the movie climaxed. Creature from the Black Lagoon Lives! begins with a journalist tracking a serial killer to the Amazon.

Creature from the Black Lagoon Lives for Your Pleasure

Former Marine Darwin Collier nearly drowned Kate Marsden. The near-death event scarred her psyche, and she's determined to do more than end his reign of terror. Kate thinks she's nearly got her man when our Creature reveals himself to her. Is the Gill-man an obstacle or an opportunity?

We're so darn pleased to have Ram V and Dan Watters on the show this week, talking about Creature from the Black Lagoon Lives!, what the Gill-man represents culturally and thematically, and why we have a Kate this time around and not a Kay. Also, which Universal Monster is the most sexy? We get into it whether anyone else wants to or not.

The first two issues of Creature from the Black Lagoon Lives! are currently available from Skybound. The third issue will land in comic shops on June 26th.

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