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Zander Cannon Brings 'Kaijumax' to its Crushing Conclusion

We chat with the cartoonist about bringing his seven-year-old monster baby over the finish line.

Big giant monsters, you gotta love them. And if you do love them, you have to read Zander Cannon's savagely satirical Kaijumax. The titanic comic book series recently wrapped its sixth and final season and Cannon was kind enough to come on the podcast (which you can listen to by clicking HERE) to celebrate. With his monumental task complete, the artist is euphorically exhausted and it's a delight to catch him in this giddy state. We are honored.

For those not in the know, Kaijumax mixes giant monster mayhem with biting social commentary, splaying the American penal system on the four-color page. As the creator is fond of saying, think Godzilla meets HBO's Oz. The comic started seven years ago, when Cannon was hot and angry on the subject matter, and while the comic has mellowed somewhat as it emboldens the character experience, it still carries quite a sting.

We discuss Kaijumax's tonal evolution and whether or not his creative endeavor has exorcised his political concern on the matter. The conversation is raucous and infectiously inspiring. You will turn away from this interview and right into your DVD shelf or streaming library. There are so many great monster movies to devour, and you'll want to start your read, or re-read, of Kaijumax immediately.

Kaijumax Season Six is complete in single issue form, but the trade paperback collection will hit bookstores on August 30th. Grab it from you local comic book shop, but if you don't have one nearby, you can order one straight from Oni Press HERE.

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