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Tyler Crook Goes All-In with 'The Lonesome Hunters'

We chat with the comic book creator about his new epic and why he had to put his entire being into this story.

We should all take notice when a comic like The Lonesome Hunters comes around. It is a singular creation from a singular creator. After percolating on the idea for a decade, Tyler Crook has put his entire being into the story of Howard, Lupe, the magic sword, and the magpies. You can sense tremendous consideration and emotional excavation occurring on every page of the first issue, and it excites the reader beyond the narrative experience. The Lonesome Hunters is a pure comic book, and no other medium could contain what Crook does here.

We were delighted to chat with Tyler Crook about The Lonesome Hunters and why it required him to command every avenue of its creation. Not only is Crook the writer and artist of the book, but he's also the colorist and letterer. You will not find too many other comics on the stand right now that can claim such ownership. And, as you will hear, there are creative and practical reasons why this is so.

Tyler Crook provides honest and passionate insight into his creative process. We discuss The Lonesome Hunters' visual influences and the more personal aspects that flow through the pages. We probe the thematic issues we see in the narrative and examine how isolation and loneliness permeate modern culture. We also explore why horror and fantasy are the perfect vehicles to challenge extreme emotional states.

The Lonesome Hunters #1 is currently in stores from Dark Horse Comics. Please consider subscribing to all four issues so we can ensure this story's continuation.

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