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Tom Brevoort Joins CBCC to Celebrate The Fantastic Four

We chat with Marvel's Senior Executive Editor about the FF's 60th Anniversary and how Jack Kirby and Stan Lee changed everything.

August 8th, 1961 - The Fantastic Four #1 by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee is published, and global pop culture would never be the same again. This somewhat unassuming science fiction monster comic dropped on newsstands, and none involved would guess how it would erupt into the Marvel Universe and grow into the epic franchise before us right now. Today is a milestone friends, and we need to celebrate.

Helping us do that is Marvel's Executive Editor and Senior Vice President, Tom Brevoort. Brevoort began his career with Marvel in 1989, and since that time, his hands have touched countless books, including his one true love, the Fantastic Four. We chat about his passion for these characters and comics, where it began, and what it's up to today.

We discuss several exciting upcoming Marvel projects revolving around the Fantastic Four with a strong focus on Marvel: August 1961, which collects every comic book published during the critical month that unleashed the FF. What made this single issue so special? What's the magic sauce produced by Kirby and Lee? How can we get more of it?

This Creator Cranny marks the beginning of a month-long celebration devoted to the Fantastic Four, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. We've already recorded several other extraordinary conversations, and we've still got more to come. Don't touch that dial -- Listen by Clicking HERE.

And make sure you're following Tom Brevoort on all his social channels. You can find him on Twitter HERE, on Instagram HERE, and over on his website HERE.

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