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The Fantastic Four Arrive on CBCC

Reed Richards and Sue Storm are the latest couple to drop into our love nest.

Watch out for those cosmic rays! The Fantastic Four is here. Reed Richards and Sue Storm are now in session. We could not be more excited about our latest couple series, or the love expert we've paired with them.

When we first launched this podcast two years ago, there were several couples we immediately put on our to-do list. Scott Summers and Jean Grey. Check. Marko and Alana from Saga. Check. Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Check. Reed Richards and Sue Storm. Chhecckkk?

Reed and Sue are a lot like Norin Radd and Dawn Greenwood. Not in character, but in how much we love them and in how much we want to get them right. Lisa knew immediately that when it came time to cover them on the show, we would use Gretchen Rubin's The Four Tendencies as our relationship guide. It was one of the first self-help books that really connected with her, and she saw much of it within what she already knew about the Fantastic Four. Obliger? Upholder? Questioner? Rebel? Who was what? She already had some idea.

Where does our conversation on Reed and Sue begin? Well, at the beginning. The Fantastic Four No. 1 by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, originally published in August 1961. Not only is this where Sue and Reed start their story, but it's also where the Marvel Universe finally congeals. Our current pop culture landscape would look a whole helluva lot different without this book. That alone makes The Fantastic Four No. 1 essential reading for every geek out there.

We're planning on a four-episode arc detailing Sue and Reed's relationship. After this week's episode, we're jumping over to Fantastic Four Annual No. 3 and The Fantastic Four: The Wedding Special. For episode three, we'll tackle The Fantastic Four: Civil War. And for episode four...well, we're still working that out. If you've got a good idea on how we should close out our conversation on Sue and Reed's relationship, please let us know @CBCCPodcast or email us at

Until then, just dig on this latest episode.


Issues covered in this episode: "The Fantastic Four" Vol. 1 issues 1 - 6 penciled & plotted by Jack Kirby, written by Stan Lee, inked by George Klein, Christopher Rule, Sol Brodsky, Joe Sinnott, & Dick Ayers, colored by Stan Goldberg, and lettered by Artie Simek & John Duffy.

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