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Reading 'Sandman' for the First Time - Whoa

On our Patreon Feed, we're launching a new podcast series where we discuss the Neil Gaiman classic one issue at a time. This is gonna be epic.

Sandman, Issue by Issue! The next great Comic Book Couples Counseling experiment begins today. Brad has never read the Neil Gaiman epic. Lisa read it once, many years ago. Today, they're both embarking on a year+ podcast series where they discuss one issue per podcast episode.

75 issues! 75 podcasts!

We recently crossed forty patrons on our Patreon Feed, and we wanted to celebrate with something crazy. And this is how we do crazy. We are overwhelmed by the support that we get over on our Patreon, and in many ways, they make this website as well as the main feed podcast run. Without their support, things would not be going as well for CBCC as they are. So, those Patrons deserve a massive thank you from us.

For whatever reason, we've never committed to Sandman. It's just one of those gargantuan cultural blindspots. Now is our opportunity to open our eyes to The Endless and all the radical wonders within. And you dear reader probably know a lot more about Sandman than we do. Venturing into this series feels like a vulnerable experience, but we're super excited by what discoveries we're about to uncover.

If you want to join us as we navigate Neil Gaiman's world with fresh eyes, please CLICK HERE and join the Comic Book Couples Counseling Patreon community. These episodes will be available to all who support us at the $1 tier and above. Just one dollar. It's a little but it means a lot to this podcast, and we won't let you down on the content side. We already have fifty+ bonus shows waiting for you, including unedited conversations with those artists who we interviewed as part of our Creator Corner shows.

Sandman like Watchman and The Dark Knight Returns is one of those comics that everyone seems to get to sooner or later. We're glad we're finally here. And we're even more happy to be on this journey for the first time with you. The first episode is now available, and the second episode discussing Sandman #2 will drop Sunday.


Sandman #1 was published by DC Comics in November, 1988. The comic is written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Sam Kieth & Mike Dringenberg, lettered by Todd Klein, colored by Daniel Vozzo, assistant edited by Art Young, edited by Karen Berger, and features a cover by Dave McKean.


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