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Hey, Android. The Omnibus Takeover Continues.

The digital comic shop and reader app launches its hotly anticipated Android iteration.

Omnibus Android App

The wait is over. Omnibus, the digital comic book store and reader app that sponsors our weekly Referrals segments on the podcast, is finally available as an Android app through the Google Play Store. With its recent release for the iPhone, the time for its proliferation through the comics-reading community is here.

As we champion every week on the show, Omnibus truly is the digital equivalent of walking into your local comic book store, browsing around, and picking up your books. With its Wishlist function, you can even create a pullbox of sorts, squirreling away intriguing titles until you have the money or the time to read them.

Omnibus CEO Travis Schmeisser understands the importance of accessibility, and he's fought hard to make the app widely available. For months, we've been exchanging messages back and forth, eagerly anticipating this moment when the service could be available to both Android and iPhone users. In the full press release below, he calls this new "momentous," and we echo his sentiment.

The platforms readers use now support Omnibus. If you've been craving an alternative in the digital comics buying and reading space, it's now available to you. Open the app and "walk" in. Pull a few books off their shelves, give them a preview, and start making that Wishlist. Of course, we suggest you begin with those featured in our Referral segments.


Omnibus Now Available on Android

May 9, 2024

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Omnibus Now Available on Android

[Brooklyn, NY] Today, Omnibus’ much-anticipated Android app launches world-wide in the Google Play Store. This release supports both Android smartphones and tablets of all sizes. The Android app follows closely after the recent release of Omnibus for iPhone, completing the Omnibus app ecosystem.

“Omnibus couldn’t be more excited to finally release our app for Android. It’s important to us that comics are more accessible in general, so we’ve been hard at work to give fans everywhere and on any platform access to the comics they love. This is a momentous occasion, as we now support every platform fans use.”

Travis Schmeisser, CEO.

Download Omnibus for Android at: Omnibus is now available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Web.

Company info

Omnibus is a modern digital comic book store and reader app carrying your favorite single issues, volumes and omnibuses (all day and date). We’re pay-per-book like your local comic shop, but digital! Our focus is on building an excellent customer shopping and reading experience and providing novel discovery features to help fans find their next new favorite book. We feature top-tier content and already have many of the top publishers in comics today. Omnibus is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Web.


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