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For the New X-Men, Scott and Emma, Here Comes Tomorrow

We officially launch our ScEmma Counseling Sessions by concluding Grant Morrison's iconic X-Men run.

New X-Men Here Comes Tomorrow Scott Emma

Today, we get serious about ScEmma. After years of teasing it, we're finally tackling the complicated romance between the X-Men's Scott Summers and Emma Frost. It's a relationship born out of pain and surprise. Maybe it was not meant to last, but we can't ignore the lessons found within their passion.

We begin our counseling session at the end of Grant Morrison's iconic New X-Men run, discussing the Assault on Weapon Plus, Planet X, and Here Comes Tomorrow storylines (issues 142 - 154). The psychic affair is known, out in the open for every X-Man and reader to judge. Scott and Emma are thrown apart, and their reunion must wait until Magneto's done with Manhattan. Once face-to-face, the riddle of their relationship could be the answer behind an apocalyptic future. What's Jean got to say about it all?

Helping us navigate possible romantic catastrophes is Dr. Nicole Lepera and her book, How to Be the Love You Seek: Break Cycles, Find Peace and Heal Your Relationships. What hope does ScEmma have if Scott and Emma are alienated from their authentic selves? Can any relationship survive when one or both parties feel broken?

New X-Men issues 142 - 154 were published by Marvel Comics between June 2002 and May 2003. They were written by Grant Morrison and penciled by Chris Bachalo, Phil Jimenez, and Marc Silvestri. They're inked by Tim Townsend, Al Vey, Aaron Sowd, Andy Lanning, Simon Coleby, BATT, Joe Weems, Billy Tan, and Eric Basaldua. The colorists were Chris Chuckry, Steve Firchow, John Starr, Matt Milla, Beth Sotelo, and Brian Buccellato. The letterers were Chris Eliopoulos and Rus Wooton.

Here Comes Tomorrow for the New X-Men

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