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Dave Chisholm and the Miraculous 'Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound'

We chat with the cartoonist about his new graphic novel and why it ranks as a blessed comic book event.

Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound

Every accomplished creative work is miraculous. Bringing anything over the finish line should be celebrated. However, even rarer are the projects that find their way to the artist whom no one else could compete with regarding that project. Dave Chisholm was seemingly born to adapt Miles Davis' life into comic book form.

Holding a doctorate in jazz trumpet from the Eastman School of Music, Dave Chisholm better understands Miles Davis than most cartoonists. The icon has haunted Chisholm since youth, and he's been attempting to translate Davis' vibe into visuals for nearly as long. After successfully capturing the audible into the sequential with three previous graphic novels (Instrumental, Chasin' the Bird, Enter the Blue), Dave Chisholm got the call.

THE. CALL. Z2 Comics, Chisholm's previous publisher, would partner with the Miles Davis Estate on an original graphic novel, and they wanted Dave Chisholm to make it a reality. The pressure was on, but we're here to report that Chisholm rose to the occasion. Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound is what happens when the perfect subject meets the perfect creator. When such an event occurs, all should take notice.

Whatever your relation to Miles Davis, you need this comic in your hands. For the uninitiated, it's a gorgeously illustrated plunge into a genius' mind. For the faithful, Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound cleverly pursues the trumpeter's interior life, using his autobiography as the narrative backbone.

We meet Davis after a severe car accident when a doctor suggests he start scribbling as part of his rehabilitation. The scrawls become our gateway into his history as Davis revisits the critical moments that made him. Along this journey, we encounter the legendary events and reflect on the divergent points that suggest a radically different path for Davis. And through it all, you sense Dave Chisholm celebrating and challenging the Miles Davis who helped shape him.

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On this week's episode, Dave Chisholm returns to Comic Book Couples Counseling. Together, we explore how Miles Davis molded his imagination and the pressure he felt to shape his massive life into one complete comic book saga. We discuss his joy toward the accomplished work and why he knows Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound is the best thing he's ever done. With such a feat behind him, does he worry about the empty road ahead?

Afterward, continue this conversation with Dave Chisholm by visiting his Website and following his TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Most importantly, pre-order Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound via Z2 Comics. It's set for release on November 7th. Can't wait? Grab his other comics immediately.

This episode continues our year-long partnership with Omnibus, the Digital Comic Store and Reader. Each episode from now on will feature our new "Referrals" segment, sponsored by them, where we recommend other comics titles for those wishing to explore this week's themes and concepts further. CLICK HERE to learn more and explore Omnibus' unique, browsable space.



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