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New York Comic-Con with Matt Lesniewski

We chat with the cartoonist about his wickedly imaginative new comic, 'Faceless and the Family.'

We've attended many comic conventions, but none quite like the New York Comic-Con. In this week's episode, we plunge into our #NYCC experience, detailing how this convention differentiates from other shows like San Diego and Baltimore. We run you through the show floor, the many eating options, the glorious cosplay, and the never-ending artist's alley.

Returning CBCC guest Matt Lesniewski also joins us for an in-depth discussion about his new comic book, Faceless and the Family. As he tells us, he's never thrown himself into a work as hard as he has with Faceless, and this passion is awesomely apparent on the page. No one is making comics like Matt Lesniewski.

Faceless and the Family is a rare gem, a comic written, drawn, and hand-lettered by Lesniewski. It focuses on a group of "strange and loveable" misfits wandering the Hand Planet, an apocalyptic sci-fi landscape that demands your eyes upon it. The book is currently running a campaign on Zoop and already blowing past its initial financial objective. Now, we're rooting for those stretch goals.

Our conversation with Lesniewski travels into some heartfelt and unguarded spaces. As longtime Lesniewski readers, we throw heaps of praise upon the artist while digging into his process and varied narrative themes. We get a little vulnerable. He gets a little vulnerable. It's the kind of chat that can only be had on Comic Book Couples Counseling.

Be sure to follow Matt Lesniewski on Twitter and Instagram. Most importantly, however, jump over to Zoop and explore the Faceless and the Family campaign.

Also, if you haven't already, check out our previous conversation with Lesniewski about his Dark Horse Comics series, Static.

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