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Patreon Preview: Walk-And-Talk Loki

In our latest episode, we plunge into 'Loki' Episode 3 and unpack its radical character implications.

This week, we're dropping a special Patreon episode into our main feed. We can't help ourselves. Loki simply brings the mischief out of us.

We're in full sweatpants mode, lavishing praise atop the new Disney+ series starring Tom Hiddleston. Brad is already claiming it the best MCU TV property so far, but Lisa is not quite ready to make such bold claims. But she's close to doing so.

We had too much fun recording this Comically Reel episode on the third Loki chapter, entitled "Lamentis." If you're not already caught up on the show, you'll want to get there before pressing play on our discussion. We're all spoilers here, people. Beware.

We're deeply enjoying this latest installment in the MCU, and this episode in particular truly speaks to what we do here on Comic Book Couples Counseling. We're all about relationships, and on Lamentis-1, Loki strikes up one of the most unique ones we've seen in a superhero setting.

If you enjoy this episode, please consider supporting us by joining our Patreon. We've built an incredible community of listeners over there, and at the $1 level, you will immediately have access to over 50 extra episodes. Come see what's up over at www.patreon/cbccpodcast.

After you join, you can celebrate with a mighty rendition of "Jeg Saler Min Ganger." Seriously, how in love with Tom Hiddleston were you after that drunken revalry? So in love, right?

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