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The Final 'I Hate This Place' Promises Bangs and Whimpers

T.S. Elliot clearly didn't have this book in his pullbox and it's clearly his loss.

I Hate This Place Final Preview Cover Image

This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper. Unless you're reading I Hate This Place by Kyle Starks and Artyom Topilin. Their climax will undoubtedly arrive with a bit of both.

Since the first issue, we haven't missed a second of this comic. In May last year, Kyle Starks joined the podcast to discuss the series and his kitchen sink approach to horror. We begged him to stretch the saga of Gabby and Trudy into a multiyear epic, but all good things must...blah, blah, blah. We can't be too mad about it, though. The series has absolutely delivered on all fronts, earning a much deserved Eisner nomination.

We've spent each month waiting for the next issue to drop; on July 5th, the last one will. Watching Gabby and Trudy dodge, fight, and survive every kind of threat was an exhilarating experience. Their bond propelled I Hate This Place above other terror tales, inspiring us to tackle the couple at a future date during one of our comic book couples counseling sessions. Stay tuned. They've got the stuff to deliver a banger podcast episode. We just need to get through our current Mark and Eve sessions and a few other couples that we have planned.

The good folks at Skybound Entertainment sent over a few textless preview pages from the final issue. As you can see, the finale kicks off with a bang and promises a few others in the immediate future. We hope Gabby and Trudy make it to the end and beyond, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't nervous.

And, oh, yeah! Peep that Comic Book Couples Counseling pull-quote at the end of the Skybound press release. That's pretty darn rad, friends.


I Hate This Place #10 Final Preview Pages



Kyle Starks and Artyom Topilin's Hit Horror Series Comes to Its Fateful End

“So long as Gabby and Trudy are facing trials together, I Hate This Place will remain appointment comics reading.” -

“I Hate This Place offers bang for your buck. It’s yet another superb Kyle Starks collaboration, with gorgeous terror from the art team, in one of the best books this year.” - The Toronto Star

LOS ANGELES 06/08/2023 — Today Skybound revealed a first look at I Hate This Place #10, the epic series finale of the 2023 Eisner Award-nominated supernatural horror series from creator/writer Kyle Starks (Assassin Nation, The Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton), creator/artist Artyom Topilin (Ice Cream Man Presents Quarantine Comix Special), colorist Lee Loughridge (Deadly Class, The Good Asian), and 2023 Eisner Award-nominated letterer Pat Brosseau (Birthright, Manifest Destiny).

Witness the thrilling, action-packed final issue of I Hate This Place to see if it concludes with the literal end of the world and massive amounts of death...or a “happy” ending for our beloved heroines. (If we’re being honest, it could really go either way.)

“It has been such a joy and a pleasure to share the story of Gabby and Trudy and their journey through Rutherford Ranch with all our readers and the comic community,” said Kyle Starks. “I've been so blessed to get to work on this series with two artistic beasts in Lee and Artyom who absolutely gave life to this world. I'm so thankful for all the support and kind words this book has gotten and absolutely blown away by the prestigious distinction of being nominated for an Eisner. While, as a storyteller, you often know the direction a story is going to travel, you never know where it will go with the readers, and I can't say thank you enough to all of them for coming along with us.”

To provide retailers and fans with options, each issue of I Hate This Place debuts with open-to-order covers by Topilin with clean and explicit cover options, featuring the standard series title and the explicit version of the series’ original title, Fuck This Place.

The available covers for the issue include:

  • I Hate This Place #10 CVR A (Diamond Code MAY230232)

  • I Hate This Place #10 CVR B Explicit Variant (Diamond Code MAY230233)

Both versions of I Hate This Place #10 will be available at comic book shops (SRP: $3.99) on Wednesday, July 5, 2023, with Cover A also available on digital platforms including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play.

For more info and updates,

Select Praise for I Hate This Place:

“A truly mesmerizing addition to comics’ horror canon.” -Comic-Watch

“Supernatural horror goodness” - Book Riot

I Hate This Place firmly establishes its world and characters, making for an immediately engaging and enthralling story.” - CBR

I Hate This Place is reaching new heights in terror...a tour de force.” - Lotusland Comics

“With fantastic, tense scripting and stellar visual work, this is a must-read for fans of off-kilter horror comics.” - Monkeys Fighting Robots

“With such talent behind the panels, this is a must-read comic series.” - Fanbase Press

“The creative team behind I Hate This Place is firing on all cylinders. Instead of saying I hate this place, readers will be yelling I love this book.” - Geek’d Out

“Not only scary AF, but flat out fun too.” - Panel Patter

I Hate This Place draws from more horror tropes than it seems would be possible, ultimately creating something wholly excellent and wholly new.” - Comics Bookcase

“A marvelously unsettling horror with plenty of twists and turns at a pace that’s breakneck (sometimes literally).” - The Stranger

“You’ll love hating the place Gabby and Trudy find themselves in, and you’ll want more of it sooner rather than later.” - Horror DNA

“One of the best monthly horror stories in comics.” - The Beat

“I Hate This Place continues to deliver a stellar horror story. Atmosphere, character, and terrifying creatures continue to be the hallmarks of this series.” - But Why Tho

If you were waiting for your new favorite Image Comics series, this is it.” - Multiversity Comics

“Check this series out. You won’t regret it.” - SKTCHD

“Creepy, scary, mesmerizing, and action-packed" - Pop Culture + Comics

“The constant danger mixed with the humorous and endearing characters will remind anyone why this series is special...A must-read horror series.” - Sequential Planet

“I Hate This Place is the comic I look forward to the most every month.” - Comic Book Couples Counseling

“I hate this place; I love this book.” - Comic Book Club


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