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'Green Arrow: Quiver' is a Must-Read Relationship Comic

Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance return to CBCC with this masterful graphic novel from Kevin Smith and Phil Hester.

With Green Arrow: Quiver, Kevin Smith and Phil Hester resurrect the Emerald Archer in a fantastical fashion, forcing Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance to stare directly into the abyss that is their relationship. This epic comic book series goes a long way in celebrating everything we love and love-to-loathe about these two characters, and it makes for one of our best couple sessions so far.

Helping us sort through the romantic turmoil is love expert Megan Lundgren and her self-help guide Relationship Book for New Couples: Proven Strategies to Nurture Your Connection and Build a Long-Lasting Bond.

Kevin Smith is an important figure within both of our pop culture journeys. From his films to his comics to his podcasts, Smith's passion has seeped into everything we do here at Comic Book Couples Counseling. It's impossible to walk away from his creations without picking up an infection of his passion. And not for nothing, he's one horny filmmaker, and he's the perfect fit for comics' horniest couple.

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Also, don't forget to listen to our interview with Kevin Smith's cohort Jason Mewes, recorded during the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con.

Issues discussed this week: Green Arrow volume 3 issues 1 - 15, published by DC Comics between February 2001 and July 2002. They were written by Kevin Smith, penciled by Phil Hester, inked by Ande Parks, colored by Guy Major and James Sinclair, lettered by Sean Konot, and feature covers by Matt Wagner.

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Greg Lambert
Greg Lambert
Oct 21, 2021

Lisa's comment on the "Hollow Ollie" being able to claim the first "justified" gaslighting cracked me up. (~1:05:00) Lisa: Yes, this is the first justified case of gaslighting. She's like, "this is the way that it happened." And he's like, "well it didn't happen that way for me, literally!" And Isn't this a man's fantasy of the ability to tell a woman like your narrative does not count? Brad: OUCH!

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