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Score Rad Art with the Four Color Fantasies Charity Auction

Here’s your chance to scoop up some fantastic pieces from Daniel Warren Johnson, Steve Lieber, and others.

We don’t know about you, but during this loooooong year of the weirds, any opportunity to celebrate the good in humanity is worth taking. Our friends over at Four Color Fantasies in Winchester, Virginia, are doing their part. They’re giving you the chance to spread a little love into the world while also nabbing some incredible original art from some of the most talented artists in the industry.

Their annual Covers Charity Auction is open until September 12th, giving you enough time to roll some pennies and participate. Every dollar earned benefits the Literacy Volunteers Winchester Area, a nonprofit organization “advancing essential literacy skills for adults and families through education and advocacy.”

This year, Four Color Fantasies gathered 107 unique pieces. We’re not talking slapdash doodles here. What you’ll find below is a gallery highlighting but a few of the sketches done on various blank covers, and they are - whoa - amazing.

Daniel Warren Johnson doing a front and back Beta Ray Bill!?!?!? Yes, Brad has already placed a bid on that one. Good luck battling him out for that piece. Then you’ve got guys like Tyler Crook! Steve Lieber! Franco! Hobbes Holluck! Drew Moss! Matt Kindt! Peter Bagge! Adam Hughes!

How do I bid?

Simple; click HERE. Browse through the "FCF Covers Literacy 2020" album to see where the current bids rest with each item, and then direct message the Four Color Fantasies gang to place your bid. As you can already see, many of these covers are still available at incredibly low prices. Get on them, now.

Keep your ear tuned to the podcast. We’re hoping to have Four Color Fantasies on the show soon to discuss the excellent work they’re doing as retailers, and discuss what we can all do to meet their challenge as community leaders.

2020 has been a nasty year, but we find hope in the actions of shops like Four Color Fantasies and the artists who donated their time to their auction. Dropping a bid or two on these covers sends a shiver of goodwill down our spine and a boost of necessary retail therapy. Acquiring goodies for our collection always brings a sparkle to our eyes, and the sparkle is even brighter when our money flows into a worthy cause.

Full List of participating artists: 

Tegan Allen, Nicole Babbitt, Peter Bagge, Jara Barrett, Kate Bean, Sam Bivans, Russ Braun, Christy Broy, Allison Buchanan, Mark Buckingham, Shane Campbell, Justin Capo, Andrew Clem, Zabella Coffman, Black Coleman, Katie Cook, Mariah Cortes, Tyler Crook, Claire Cross, Jim Cross, Billy DeSarno, Leo DeSarno, Elrod, Sonny Eom, Bob Ewers, Ray Fawkes, Sam Fenster, Dan Fraga, Franco, Chris Giarusso, Rob Gotcher, Liz Hackney, Matt Hackney, Rachel Henry, Hobbes Holluck, Mickie Holm, Lori Hovermale, Steve Hudak, Adam Hughes, Koop, Jamal Igle, Daniel Warren Johnson, Erik C. Jones, Lexi Jones, Matt Kindt, Andrew Krahnke, Matt Lesniewski, Steve Lieber, Ron Lim, Robert Long, Wyatt Lowe, Bob McLeod, Michael Mammano, Tiffany Mammano, Tom Mandrake, Justin Matthews, Alyssah Mcguire, Jamey Miller, Martin Morazzo, Drew Moss, Joelle O’Hara, Jaclynn Pocchiari, Kylie Prusik, John Renner, Rafer Roberts, Darick Robertson, Emily Robinson, Ryn Schiavone, Mike Shaffer, Paige Simko, Tod Smith, Robert Sommers, Matthew Spicer, Josh Stanley, Kyle Starks, Jenny Vega, Matt Wieringo, Aaron Williams, Luke Williamson, A.C. Zamudio, and Carlos Zamudio.


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