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Chip Zdarsky and Jason Loo Put Hats Upon Hats Upon 'The All-Nighter'

We chat with the creative duo about their vampire superhero series and why too many ideas are the right amount of ideas.

Artist Jason Loo wanted to make a vampire comic and get away from superheroes. Chip Zdarsky said, "Sure, but what if the vampires were hiding in plain sight as superheroes? And what if...uh...a whole bunch of other weird stuff was involved?" The All-Nighter from ComiXology Originals is a wild comic where every issue drops another bomb that is somehow wilder than the last.

This week, Jason Loo and Chip Zdarsky join us in the Love Nest to explain why hats upon hats are a good thing, no matter what Matt Fraction says. Zdarsky and Loo discuss their latest collaboration, detailing how their vampire story swerved into something with stranger moral implications. Bloodlust, immortality, and fandom can be problematic, but um, that third hat...and the fourth hat these two creators plopped on top, oh boy, the implications suggested by The All-Nighter are beyond catastrophic. And we love them.

Paired with our recent conversation with Christian Ward about Blood Stained Teeth, our chat with Chip Zdarsky and Jason Loo truly exemplifies why the vampire sub-genre maintains its bite. The undead always have more to give of themselves.

You can still technically find Chip Zdarsky on Twitter and Instagram, but if you're looking for some proper interaction, consider joining his Substack. For the cost of two coffees a month, he will accept your praise or vile. He also has a nifty website.

Jason Loo can be found on Twitter and Instagram, but his TikTok is really where it's at these days. Get on it asap.

Most importantly, go grab The All-Nighter trade paperback from Dark Horse Comics, and download issue #6 from ComiXology.

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