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Why Patreon?

A new era in Comic Book Couples Counseling begins on Patreon.

Hello, Friends! We’ve teased this Patreon launch for a little more than a week on our Twitter account, and we’re incredibly excited to make it available to you. With the conclusion of our Norrin Radd & Dawn Greenwood episodes, these last few days have been absolutely crazy (did you see that BuzzFeed article naming us the 6th Best Podcast for Book Lovers? What the what!?!?).

Our tiny little show seems to be gaining steam, and we want to allocate more hours of our day to it. Podcasting is so much fun, but it takes a lot of energy, time, and work. We want to devote more of ourselves to CBCC and our wonderfully supportive listeners, but to do so, we need to buy back some time.

That’s where the Patreon comes in. For one dollar a month (that’s our Smitten Kitten tier), you will gain access to brand-new weekly podcast content. This means episodes like Comically Reel, where we break down comic book movies like Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer. It’s time to determine whether that film earns its bad rap (spoilers, it might actually be a pretty darn good movie).

The beautiful thing about Patreon is that we can publish podcast episodes that venture a little further afield from our usual content. In addition to Comically Reel, you’ll get exclusive inside the Love Nest chatter on our Friendly Neighborhood shows, bonus Creator Corner content material, single-issue review shows where you tell us what to read, and a whole lot more.

If you choose to go up a tier or two into our Dearly Beloveds and Happily Ever Afters tiers then you can also join our Patreon-exclusive Sanctum Santorum Slack channel. We’re planning this to be the next level of our CBCC community, where like-minded, friendly, and passionate fans gather to talk all things comics and beyond.

Also available on the Patreon feed are our script notes for each episode as well as suggested Reading Lists to utilize alongside our current comic book couples. We’re also working on getting high-res images of all our CBCC commissioned artwork available for you to share. Basically, anything we’re doing for the podcast, you’ll get to see first.

For the Happily Ever Afters, we will also curate a special CBCC care package complete with buttons, stickers, magnets, personally curated reading lists, and more.

Launching a Patreon is a humbling experience. We do not expect or need to break the bank here. That’s not the goal. We’re merely in love with our podcast and our listeners, and we want to spend more time with both of them.

Looking forward to seeing you in The Patreon Feed.


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