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The Stampies: Best Comics of 2023 (Part Two)

Good night, 2023; if nothing else, you gave us some incredible comics. Let's ramble on about them.

Best Comics 2023 Part Two The Stampies

We can't put 2023 to bed without releasing our very last episode of the year, The Stampies: The Best Comics of 2023 (Part Two). Continuing the celebration from last week's Part One, we push into several other major categories, highlighting the exceptional art birthed into the universe by this beautiful medium. Aiding our love-in our numerous friends from the comics journalism and podcasting community. Frankly, too many wonderful comics were released in 2023, so it's always a blessing to have friends champion so many other titles.

In this episode, we also unveil the first annual Jesse Tapia II "Champ Stamp" to a comics creator deserving of wider recognition and acclaim. This particular Stampie is offered in loving memory of our friend Jesse Tapia II, who sadly passed away in late 2023. Jesse was a magnificent and passionate comic book advocate, bringing joy and a comic recommendation to everyone he interacted with. We hope to live up to his tremendous enthusiasm for the art form.

As we welcome a new year, we must thank every one of our listeners. You enriched our lives in ways that are hard to put into words. Five years ago, we started this podcast in the hope that there were a few others like us out there, eager to approach comics from a place of love and self-introspection. Finding you validated that dream. Thank you. We love you. Let's keep on' keepin' on in 2024. Read more comics. Make more comics. Love more comics.

The Best Comics of 2023 Part Two Category Timestamps:

  • Writer of the Year - 20:50

  • Artist of the Year - 32:08

  • Best International Release - 40:30

  • Best Ongoing Series - 52:15

  • Best Limited Series - 1:03:11

  • Best Original Graphic Novel - 1:11:53

  • The Jesse Tapia II Champ Stamp - 1:17:36

  • Best Horror Series - 1:26:17

  • Best Grindhouse Experience - 1:28:10

The Best Comics of 2023 Part Two Guest Stars:

As always, Omnibus, the Digital Comic Store and Reader, sponsors our Referrals segment. This week, we highlight all the rad 2023 comics you can find in their shop. These titles are not to be missed. Remember, if you've got a screen, you've got a comic. Go get one. Or two. Or a dozen.

This year, our two-part Stampies episodes picked up an additional sponsor: Four Color Fantasies in Winchester, Virginia. Their epic post-Christmas sale will occur on January 6th, but if you're not within driving distance, you'll still want to track them down via their FacebookTwitter, and TikTok. Their annual Sketch Cover Charity benefitting the Literacy Volunteers Winchester Area will next occur in 2024, and it's your chance to win some Sean PhillipsCharlie Adlard, and other rad creators' original art.

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