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Alex Ross Offers A Second Opinion with 'Fantastic Four: Full Circle'

We chat with the comic book creator about his graphic reinterpretation of Marvel's first family.

We've waited a long time for this one, but maybe not as long as our guest spent percolating on his subject. Alex Ross exhausted years thinking and rethinking the Fantastic Four. He desired a graphic reinterpretation of the characters that launched the Marvel Comics universe. A new coat of paint that would highlight what was so incredible about the sixties space race characters without tethering them to basic nostalgia.

Fantastic Four: Full Circle spins directly from Jack Kirby and Stan Lee's iconic run, picking up story threads long dismissed by everyone except Alex Ross. The story resurrects a few old villains, plunging the team into the Negative Zone. The story works as a celebration and a blueprint for other creators to follow if they choose.

We're ecstatic to have Ross on the podcast this week, digging into why he was compelled to shepherd Full Circle into reality. Blissfully, this conversation also works as a second opinion to our own CBCC sessions on Reed and Sue from last year. Like us, Ross has strong opinions about their romance and how they should interact as a couple. He's the biggest Fantastic Four fan of them all.

Kevin Feige, do you have your copy yet?

Fantastic Four: Full Circle is the first treasury-sized book in the new MarvelArts line, a unique collaboration between Marvel Comics and Abrams ComicArts. Find it wherever rad comics are sold, or just click HERE.

You can find Alex Ross on his Website, Twitter, and Instagram.

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