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Tom Scioli Returns to Celebrate The Fantastic Four

We chat with the cartoonist about his epic Grand Design retelling, and what makes Jack Kirby the King of Comics.

Curious about Fantastic Four? Want to understand the genius of Jack Kirby? Oh, we got just the comic book for you. Fantastic Four: Grand Design is the ultimate celebration of all things FF and Jack Kirby. Cartoonist Tom Scioli delivers an AWESOME retelling of the classic Jack Kirby/Stan Lee Fantastic Four era, but then goes one step further. Scioli gives the Kirby/Lee comics the ending they were denied, and it's an astonishing reading experience whether you've never read a Fantastic Four comic, or you've read every single one.

Last week, we kicked off our Fantastic Four 60th Anniversary celebration with our Tom Brevoortconversation, and this week, we delve even further into what the FF offer that other comics do not. Tom Scioli has spent a lifetime percolating with these characters and ideas, and that obsession erupts within the pages of Fantastic Four: Grand Design.

Tom loves nothing more than to discuss his passion for Kirby and the FF, but he's never gone this deep regarding Grand Design. We've got some exclusives here, people, and it's a special treat to discuss that ending he gave Lee and Kirby. What is the deal between Sue Storm and Namor, the Sub-Mariner? We get into it.

This special episode appears on our Patreon feed, but since this is #JackKirbyMonth, we're unlocking these Fantastic Four celebrations for all to hear. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Tom previously guested on our podcast last year to promote Jack Kirby: The Epic Life of the King of Comics. If you haven't already listened to that episode, please do so by clicking HERE.

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