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Does 'The Other Side of the DC Universe' Have to End?

Take a sneak peek of the final issue that redefines what we know about the DC Comics Universe.

Some comic titles you never want to end. The Other Side of the DC Universe dared to explore areas of the DC realm too seldom traveled. From its first issue focusing on Black Lightning, this series championed concepts and characters that desperately deserved the spotlight. For those complaining about the seemingly endless Batman titles, writer John Ridley and artists Giuseppe Camuncoli and Andrea Cucchi delivered. But now, with issue number five dropping on July 27th, the maxi-mini-series must come to a close.

And we don't want it to finish.

The Other Side of the DC Universes' fifth and final issue will close the loop on Black Lightning's story by focusing on his offspring, Thunder. It's a natural and obvious capper, but hopefully, it's one of those cappers that's actually a launchpad. What Ridley, Camuncoli, and Cucchi have built here can not be left to dangle. This series served as a raucous sandbox for a whole bunch of characters. Now, let's tip it over and let them play in their backyards with their own solo titles.

Below you'll find a few preview pages from the final issue. Lots of promise, right? We need more, right? We gotta buy this comic and the inevitable collection to make that happen.


The Groundbreaking Limited Series from Award-Winning Writer John Ridley and Artists Giuseppe Camuncoli and Andrea Cucchi Spotlights Thunder in its Final Issue!

Since its 2020 debut, the five-issue limited series The Other History of the DC Universe has received critical and fan acclaim for its examination of the DC Universe through the eyes of super heroes outside the prevailing culture, and against the backdrop of real-world events. The first issue of this unique series focused on Jefferson Pierce, a.k.a. Black Lightning as he finds his path to heroism as Olympic gold medalist, teacher, neighborhood activist and finally, super hero. It’s only fitting that The Other History of the DC Universe concludes with a spotlight of his super-powered offspring, Thunder. Being a superhero runs in Anissa Pierce’s family. It’s been a part of her life in one way or another since her father, Jefferson Pierce, first started to fight crime as Black Lightning. Despite what her parents tell her, despite what the world tells her, Anissa knows that she has the same calling as her father. But as Anissa takes on the mantle of Thunder, she must grapple with a very different world than the one that her father first patrolled. Written by JOHN RIDLEY Art by GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI and ANDREA CUCCHI Cover by GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI and MARCO MASTRAZZO Variant cover by JAMAL CAMPBELL 48 Pages/$6.99 The final issue of this one-of-a-kind series arrives in comic book stores and on participating digital platforms on Tuesday, July 27, 2021. The complete five-issue series will also be available as a hardcover collected edition on Tuesday, November 9, 2021. For the latest information on The Other History of the DC Universe and the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, check out the website at and follow @dccomicsand @thedcnation on social media. Book One of the series (Black Lightning) is available to read for free for DC UNIVERSE INFINITE subscribers. For more information and to subscribe, visit the website at


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