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'The Death of Comics Bookcase' with Zack Quaintance

We chat with the journalist turned comics maker about closing doors and keeping them unlocked.

The Death of Comics Bookcase Zack Quaintance

We've dreaded this moment for more than a minute. The Death of Comics Bookcase is here. Journalist Zack Quaintance has assembled a mighty fine coffin in the form of a comic book and put his old self into it. Having written for his old site, we'll miss him, but we also recognize this death as a rebirth loaded with possibility, and we can't help but be excited, too.

Having dipped his toes into comic-making with Next Door, Zack Quaintance now plunges all the way in with his latest project. The Death of Comics Bookcase is an anthology featuring various rad artistic talent: Nick Cagnetti, P.J. Holden, Luke Horsman, Ryan Lee, Anna Readman, Pat Skott, and more. With stories like "The Werewolf Priest" and "The Responsibili-Teen," the book surfs through numerous genres, playing with our love of the medium while crafting a profoundly personal pseudo-biography.

On this week's podcast, we grab Zack Quaintance for an intimate discussion regarding his need to make comics after spending so many years writing about them. We discuss the necessary death of his old self and his hopes for the new one. We chat about the various doors he's closed in his life and how he was able to kick down the one that blocked his path to becoming a comics creator. If he can do it, you can too. Prepare yourself for inspiration.

Find The Death of Comics Bookcase and More

The Death of Comics Bookcase is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter. The project is already complete; we've read it and backed it ourselves. You can also continue this conversation with Quaintance by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

As always, Omnibus, the Digital Comic Store and Reader, sponsors our Referrals segment. This week, we selected two comic book titles on the site that satisfy this episode's themes. We won't spoil what they are here, but if you click the links below, you'll be immediately escorted to those books.

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